Top Ten All-Time Best Nintendo Levels

OMG Nintendo: "There's a lot of talk about story and plot in video games these days, which frankly baffles me. I mean, I like RPGs, but I still can't conceive of playing a video game just for the story. Video games, to me, are primarily about character and setting. Your characters in games are primarily vectors for letting you do things and making you care about the game's action. Setting is always going to be intimately tied to gameplay, as it represents the sum total of what a game makes possible for you to do.

Nintendo, as a developer, has a good grasp on the importance of setting. I can't think of too many Nintendo games that are primarily memorable for their narratives, but there are a lot of levels and areas in Nintendo games that left huge impressions on me. Sometimes an area has a cool gimmick, flashy art design, or manages to pose an exceptional challenge. Here's a list of the ten greatest Nintendo levels (or areas) that I've ever had the pleasure of playing through. Go play them yourself if you haven't, and hopefully you'll find something truly memorable in them, too."

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PoSTedUP3685d ago

so many damn good memories. -_-

ape0073685d ago

you'r damn right

I nearly cried when I saw smw

sumfood4u3684d ago

I was hoping to see River City Ransom, SMB3 Ice World, an Mario Party

ape0073685d ago

where's good egg galaxy?

TruthbeTold3684d ago

Just the mention of the Good Egg Galaxy brought a smile to my face. SMG was an instant classic.

pwnsause3684d ago

damn so many good old-school Nintendo games. i cant believe that Nintendo now S**ted on themselves by making crappy ones just to cater to casuals.

Rute3684d ago

Donkey Kong Arcade, Duck Hunt, Mario Paint, Dr. Mario, Stack-Up... Nintendo has tried to appeal to as large audience as possible from the very beginning.

Nine of the ten levels listed in the site are made in a timespan of 1986-1998. Gamecube didn't have too many memorable gaming worlds, despite it being the least casual console of Nintendo. Games such as New Super Mario Bros, Metroid Prime 3, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario fare quite well against GC's and GBA's first party offerings.

I think the main reason why Nintendo started to lose it's magic in the 2000s is because game production has become more of a tightly controlled, tech-oriented business, limiting creative freedom. The pressure to succeed and high risks say no to imagination. And if great visuals, hectic online and tight controls are enough for today's gamers, why should anyone try anything creative?

JD_Shadow3684d ago

If you actually complete it, then the regular world changes color palettes, and some of the enemies turn into weird versions of what they once were (even though they are not defeated in any different way than they were before).

THAT was worth the effort to do it with I was younger.

TruthbeTold3684d ago

Some of those levels were absolutely murderous though!

SaiyanFury3684d ago

My wife's been trying to beat Tubular for the last 6 months and still has trouble with it. :D