PS3 Firmware 2.43 Now Available

ButtonMasher writes: I do not know what this one does but it is now available to download. There has been no mention of upcoming features or promised fixes so I will have to update you all when it is finished downloading.


Story now updated with an explanation of the new firmware

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Rick Astley4993d ago (Edited 4993d ago )

Wtf. That was so unexpected.

Edit: Finished but what was it for? *confused*

4993d ago
Cajun Chicken4993d ago

You tell me. I'm leaving it for a bit though, because of what happened to some people 'last time'.

Rick Astley4993d ago (Edited 4993d ago )

No thanks but I'll give you a bubble anyway.

Le-mo4993d ago

They still didn't fix the clock/battery indicator overlapping issue.

mattkelly19914993d ago

Me - "Ill take Jeopardy for 6 bubbles please."

You - Daily Double

IzKyD13314992d ago


just so you know, I took away bubbles just because your so pathetic

FantasyStar4992d ago

I took bubbles away too. How pathetic. Bubbles to you Izky for bringing everyone back to ground zero.

soljah4992d ago

also go to folding at home. life w/playstation is out now too

LoVeRSaMa4992d ago

Was there a Home Japan leak?

If so, then it could have fixed this.

bourner4992d ago

so its for japan .and you dont have to install yet ......... how vey useful(sarcasm )

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InfiniteUnfloppery4993d ago

Xbots still Waiting on that Update of theirs

DavidMacDougall4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

I know what it added , if you play it for more than 3mins a little message pops up and says "you RROD"

Little joke from Sony

KiddyBrownTurd4992d ago

LMFAO. u can't be serious. u mean our awesome, substantial update? you're comparing that to THIS update? LOL.

if anyone's still waiting, it's you.

Enjoy Play House, if it ever gets done!!!!

Saint Sony4992d ago

Yea, yea, xbox is still waiting it's autumn update, but at least 360 does not need one for every week like PS3.

BLuKhaos4992d ago

What are you talking about you're the ones who will be playing with dolls.

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Raoh4993d ago

I'm installing now..

on the playstation forums they are pretty much as lost as we are at the moment as to what it does.

f7897904992d ago

Its ridiculous how many network errors and signouts I get.

DaTruth4992d ago

Someone may have access to your wireless router and are using your bandwidth. Or your downloading at another source while playing. Or your bandwidth just sucks.

InfiniteUnfloppery4993d ago

Let me Switch On my Beautiful Black Beast and see what Sony are Awarding us with Tonight

PirateThom4993d ago

Oddly, unlike other updates, this one isn't forced, it lets you sign into PSN...

gaffyh4992d ago

What are you serious?

That's weird. *Goes to check PS3*