Blazing Angels Interview

Having already dominated US skies on Xbox 360 and PlayStation, Ubisoft has announced that Blazing Angels, its WWII plane-based shooter, is flying on Sony's next-gen console in time for its March launch (whenever that is, obviously). What's more, the game will hit our shores boasting brand new content and improved graphics compared to the Xbox 360 version.

As one of the world's finest fighter pilots, your stiffest upper lip is required to get through some of the most famous and action-packed sky battles from 1939 onwards, including the Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbour. To make the experience as realistic as possible players can use the SIXAXIS's motion-sensing capabilities to pilot their aircraft, tilting the pad to fly. It'll be just like being in the cockpit of a Spitfire.

To celebrate the imminent arrival of Blazing Angels in UK skies, IGN went behind enemy lines at Ubisoft Romania to interrogate the game's lead designer, Bogdan Bridinel, about prepping the PS3's hottest historical fighter for take off.

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Boon Tarkas5429d ago

Because it stunk on the 360, and this comes from someone that loves this genre.

There's nothing like trying to blow a big red icon out of the sky.

Scrumptious5429d ago

The 360 version looked fatastic for being a quickly upgraded xbox1 game. At least Ubisoft took more time to upgrade the 360 games than they did for the Wii. Their Wii line-up is pathetic.

PS3 fanboys will most llikely us this game to make claims of technical superiority, which is BS.

OC_MurphysLaw5429d ago

I hope the update and revisit the targeting scheme. On the 360 the game certainly looked nice...but controlled horribly. I so wanted this game to be good... Had Ubisoft just stuck to a more traditional approach to the flight sim genre controls this would have been a bigger success.

Scrumptious5429d ago

For this version will include support for sux-axis! Rush out and buy it!

ironwolf5429d ago

It looked good on the 360, but no flight game is worth a flying f*** without a co*kpit view; you might as well be playing an arcade game from the early '80s. If you like flight sims or arial combat, I recommend a pass on this one. This stupid software will not allow you to type co*kpit.

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