1UP: Pure Review

1UP writes: "A rather fragile part of the male anatomy tends to retract toward the body in times of intense fear -- when you peer straight down from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, for example. That Disney Interactive's ATV stunt racer Pure is able to elicit such involuntary reactions simply through the sheer awesomeness and unparalleled, stomach-twisting verticality of its environments is one hell of an accomplishment all on its own.

Pure is big, big arcade fun. The game throws you into the great outdoors aboard your four-wheeled dirt-churner and asks you to go nuts -- mammoth, death-defying jumps that never seem to end are just part of the story. The twists and the turns and the ups and the downs and the extreme topographical variety simply don't let up from start to finish. And though none of the 30 circuits are truly free-roaming like those in Microsoft's lauded Motocross Madness series, there are so many alternate routes and shortcuts and such wide, drivable shoulders that they almost feel like they are."

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Montrealien3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

nice to see this game is getting such a positive reception. It is a solid game imho, at least from what I noticed in the demo. With this and Motorstorm 2, we clearly got some great choices for off roads racers this fall.

rbluetank3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

i do not have the money to invest in this game and Motorstorm2.. I will keep it real and buy Motorstorm2 because they are a proven winner. Sorry, Pure but after a serious cut in price after 6month or a great rental experience after completing Motorstorm2. i might consider buying Pure for $29.99 or below...

TheColbertinator3686d ago

B+ is...I think an 8-8.5

I can't remember though