Microsoft Canceled a Halo Megablok Game

Halo has had it’s fare share of spin offs in gaming. The mobile game Halo Assault and the real time strategy game Halo Wars are an example of the leaps the franchise can make across gaming genres. A new spin off that was apparently canceled is a Halo Megablok game.

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Abash1516d ago

Yeah, I would have played it. Probably was a lot of fun

ninsigma1515d ago

That's a real shame cuz that looks like great fun!

Relientk771515d ago

This looks cool, they should have released this

gamer11381515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Another mistake of the Mattrick era considering just how big the Lego games have become. This would have been great. Hope Phil resurrects this further down the line.

Notellin1515d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Man this is just more proof how awful of a job Don Mattrick did while in charge. He took the 360 lead and turned them into underdogs.

He did such a horrible job at Zynga as well. It's crazy how investors thought his hire at Zynga was positive for the company. Anyone from the actual gaming industry could see the disaster ahead.

Zynga is dead at this point and they did Microsoft a favor taking this guy off their hands.

@Sem8 Fable Legends wasn't the game they wanted to make it was the game Mattrick wanted. He rejected Fable 4 because he was transitioning Xbox games to a service.

Who are you kidding about the Kinect? The five people out there that want Just Dance 14 will be disappointed the rest of the gaming community will celebrate.

Project Sparks was good but didn't generate any revenue. It's hard to justify spending money on something very few people are using. Also Microsoft handled it pretty well if their quote is true.

"This was an extremely difficult decision for our team that we do not take lightly. When 'Project Spark' transitioned away from active development last fall, many of our team members moved to other projects within Microsoft Studios. While this means there have been no layoffs at Microsoft, it also means it's simply no longer feasible to continue the behind-the-scenes work involved with keeping 'Project Spark' up and running with meaningful updates and bug fixes, so we have come to this hard decision."

I'd say that's far better than most game shutdowns.

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christocolus1515d ago

Looked nice. I hope we get a Halo rpg or a darker and more mature third person halo spin off down the line.

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The story is too old to be commented.