11 Action Heroes that Deserve their Own Game

With every movie getting multi-million dollar game adaptations, a few action movies didn't get a fair shake in videogames. Here's 11 action heroes that deserved better.

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DavidMacDougall3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Chuck Norris !! Im sorry iv said it now

EDIT: Just read it hes in there LOL !!!!

Cajun Chicken3687d ago

Rumors about a game starring him were circulating a few years ago, it would be a really great game.

And would be a 'Very cool franchise' that Rockstar would be able to make work after retooling The Warriors into a game which has a similar gritty design.
Funny, a little bird (IMDB) told me that a Escape from New York remake was due 2009...but Gerard Butler backed out living the project in limbo...
Make it happen Rockstar! and OF COURSE John Carpenter scoring the soundtrack.

Don't be too suprised if it happens.

UltimateIdiot9113687d ago

He deserve his own game. Imagine, playing as Macgyver and the only weapon you have is a paper clip.

SlyGuy3687d ago

don't forget your secondary weapon: the rubber band

InfiniteUnfloppery3687d ago

Ken Kutaragi
Kazuo Hirai
Shuhei Yoshida
Jack Tretton
David Reeves
Sir Howard Stringer
Ted Price
Evan Wells
Hideo Kojima
Fumito Ueda
Jeff Rubenstein

Final_Rpg3687d ago

Chuck Norris needs to get off the internet, it was never funny never will be.

Snake Pliskin on the other hand, hell yeah!

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