GameSpy: Pure Review

GameSpy writes: "Judging solely on the painfully throbbing condition of our thumbs, Pure is a terrific racer. Infused with the same kind of insanely huge jumps and ridiculously intricate tricks that made the SSX franchise so successful, Pure builds on classic ATV racing gameplay with detailed customization and gorgeous environments from around the world. These elements combine to provide a spectacle of physically impossible stunts executed among lush, verdant locales. A few annoyances emerge after extended play (not the least of which will be the growing soreness and lurking blisters on your thumbs), but overall there's just not much to complain about in a game that knows its job and does it very well."

+Multiple track paths add replayability
+Fantastically crazy tricks
+Beautiful scenery and track locations

-Track collisions can be frustrating and all too frequent
-Multiplayer doesn't add much

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