Negative Gamer: A funny story about my Xbox 360

John "wardrox" writes:

"I've just come off the phone with Xbox Customer Support and it appears I can't have my Xbox fixed. Here is the story of events in bullet-point form."

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Breakfast3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

....hes just one of the many.


Breakfast3687d ago

...My xbox RRoD'd

Short and sweet.


sak5003687d ago

My story is happy one. My Dec 2005 bought NTSC/J 360 premium (from ebay shipped from Hong Kong cuz of shortage) arrived in jan 06, developed RROD April 06. Sent it back to Hong Kong got brand new one as replacement in 2 weeks. Guess what its 09/2008 still working fine.

The other console Core PAL bought in May 06 after shipping the first one as I thought that one might take a long time to come back. ANyway that RRODd somewhere in Aug 07. No local warranty since it was more than 1 year so had to ship to Germany. Got it back in 2 weeks and till now, no RROD.

Guess some people are just plain unlucky not to get support from MS.

PirateThom3687d ago

Marketplace doesn't accept Maestro either, which is annoying since Marketplace is the only place I have to use my Mastercard, which means I get all kinds of charges.

PirateThom3687d ago

Who disagreed?

Marketplace does not accept Meastro cards.

uxo223687d ago

Pirate, try buying a points card, this should fix your problem.

For the guy who wrote the article...

As for the Maestro card, it's simple they don't accept it. Have anyone ever gone to a place that didn't accept the particular card that you are carrying? Get over it!

As for the broken xbox, I don't feel sorry for you. First off, you were being cheap so you bought a second hand 360 which is not recommended anyway. Second, after being turn down for trying to get an "out of warranty" repair done for free, you attempted to sabotage your own xbox 360 to make it RROD on you. (Funny, how your 360 "said F.U. I'll RROD when I want to not when you want me to." Priceless)

Then when your original problem occured again (the reason the person sold it to you in the first place.) Once again you try to get non warranty work again for free. Sorry pal, but even sony won't fix your PS3 for free if it breaks out of warranty. So I don't know why you think MS would.

And the top all of this off, you whine to the internet so that people will feel sorry for you.

PimpHandStrong3687d ago

easy and no one will be getting any info from me

LevDog3687d ago

I have a simple fix.. buy a Ps3.. Problem solved

OOG3687d ago

BAD SOLUTION...........

mine would be have a warranty....but to be him

wardrox3687d ago

haha, I have a PS3 sat next to it. Not sure why but it does look a bit more smug than usual.

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The story is too old to be commented.