Top Ten WTF Moments from 2006

1up, bring us this fine wrap-up of some of the more memorable events of 2006. Everything from the demise of E3 to the craziness of Katuragi is mentioned, so take a look!

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Silver Bull3t5235d ago

Ron Jeremy as Mario, priceless...

calderra5235d ago

Nintendo really should'a been the Revolution. Imagine the sense of power for hardcore gamers, the wonderment for kids... I think Nintendo was just afraid they wouldn't live up to the bar they'd set with a name like that.

Coming next generation... the Xbox Revolution... heck, the Sony Revolution. It's a great name.

And the only reason Duke Nukem Forever 2 didn't make #1 is because it's such a beaten horse. DNF isn't getting released, we all know it. The only reason they should make DNF 2 is if they're going to cancel the first one, and release the "sequel" to make up the years of BS for fans.