How The PS3 Can Beat The Competition This Holiday Season

Well as we all know the recent price drop on the XBOX 360 basically makes it the cheapest next-gen console on the market, even cheaper than the Wii (the arcade version). This means that the PS3 is the most expensive console right now on the market and what does that mean for Sony? It means a disaster. People do not want to pay for expensive things, especial gaming systems. Yes, the PS3 may be more than a gaming system, but the consumers don't want to pay a premium for something that will be cheaper latter on in its life span. So what can Sony do to get them out of this hole that they are in for the holiday season?

SteveBallmer SonyRep5371d ago (Edited 5371d ago )

By sitting back and doing nothing and letting its exclusives do the talking

Agrees = Sony FTW my fellow droids !!! THERE WILL BE CHAOS!!!

Disagrees = Your own denial will crush you one day ,but today you can disagree because its not your fault you where led astray by 3 red lights .Your day of reckoning will come my child

-Papa Steve

cemelc5371d ago (Edited 5371d ago )

Great comment up there pal bubble + for you.

With R2, LBP, Socom, Wipeout, MS2, Naruto, Siren, Warhawk Expansion Sony have to sit back and enjoy the show.

DavidMacDougall5371d ago

Sony FTW my fellow droids !!! THERE WILL BE CHAOS!!!

SteveBallmer SonyRep5371d ago

Your getting your moneys worth with a ps3 and with the exclusives it has coming up it "should" (My opinion) be the best choice for games and with its Blu - Ray also for HD 1080p movies

HighDefinition5371d ago (Edited 5371d ago )

LBP could become a MASSIVE hit, a become a MAJOR system seller. Also, there are more exclusives than I have time for. Killzone2 comes out in Febuary if they can get a KZ2 Beta on the PS store before Xmas, that will be HUGE. Socom (w/ issues fixed) is a SYSTEM SELLER. I think PS3 will drop price as well before Xmas. LBP and KZ2 NEED to be sold/shown off in mass ammounts and Sony knows this.

Think about it.

Genesis55371d ago (Edited 5371d ago )

Totally agree HD. Sony doesn't need to buy exclusives. Their 1st and 2nd party exclusives will prove that. Though a price cut certainly wouldn't hurt. The system still sells at the price it is at. The 360 has been cheaper all year but only won 3 months. Obviously people are willing to spend a little extra to get more.

If they make up some nice bundles they will do just fine this Christmas. All those new HD TV's under the tree will want a BR player too.

Did you get a hair cut?

SteveBallmer SonyRep5371d ago

Thats mean you know i have a hair growth problem

HighDefinition5371d ago

Ironically Shavo and I did.


BobDog5371d ago

no1 mentions resistance 2?!?!?

when does gt5 come out?

soljah5371d ago

this is something Sony really needs to do. with everyone for xmas buying those new 1080p flat panels. the only thing out there that can truly take advantage of them is a ps3 or another bluray player at a higher cost. if you are waiting for comcast or time warner to give you true 1080p forget it. "Sony" hype your 1080p bravias, a ps3 and a copy of bluray dark knight and lbp game. now thats a xmas gift

ChickeyCantor5371d ago

"LBP could become a MASSIVE hit"
It could, It's up to Sony. Just hope they provide enough promotion to reach the masses. These things do not sell on their own.
I'm getting the game my self too.

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Homicide5371d ago

The PS3 has a killer line-up this holiday season. Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, Valkyria Chronicles, Bioshock, LittleBigPlanet, etc. And with the 80GB being $399 with a built in blu-ray drive, hdmi, free online, etc. This is a console you must own this Holiday Season.

cahill5371d ago

PS3 has the best lineup for FALL

Motorstorm 2 is easily the biggest game in EUROPE this FALL and YEAR.
LBP is the biggest game of this year and is PS3 exclusive

Resistance 2 is the best shooter of the year and is PS3 exclusive too

Kleptic5371d ago

I totally agree that the PS3 has the best lineup this fall by far, at least for me personally (meaning I understand why some would just want Gears 2...and...fable 2?)...but the simple fact is that the PS3 will be CRUSHED in the US this fall if they don't get some sort of major price cut through within the next month or so...which they won't...its one thing to lie to consumers about whether or not a cut is coming...and its totally different to lie to stock holders about that...

this obviously pertains to the US only...which is the only territory that the 360 vs. PS3 war is even going on...their never was a gun raised in Japan...and the 360 has all but put up a white flag in Europe...but the 360 will smack the PS3 around this fall in the way to spin it...but why do any of you care? are still getting the best lineup, and you already bought a you win regardless of PS3 sales through this season...

reincarnated5371d ago

FACT: if all the exclusives sell really good then the ps3 will drop in price (i no the exclusives are gonna be Massive hits!!)

SIX5371d ago

and do a price drop. I think that the PS3 is a better value, but im thinking the general public sees them as equals. Of course, they will go for the cheaper console.