GameSpy: Crysis Warhead Review

Crysis was a fantastic PC game, and Crysis Warhead serves up more content with the same visual genius. If you're hungry for more, it's hard to go wrong with the $30 price tag -- just don't expect anything revolutionary.

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Panthers3776d ago

$30? is this an expansion or can you play it without the original Crysis?

I might get it to see what my PC can do.

Mclovin963776d ago

It is an expansion but you do not need the original crysis to play it. crysis was one of if not the best shooters iv'e played on any platform. if you are considering this game you cannot go wrong for $30.

funkycoldmedina3775d ago

Circuit City has it for $25 if you feel 6-8 hrs of gameplay is questionable for its current retail price. Free delivery over $24 or something like that so if you don't have a CC nearby and can wait just purchase it online if possible.