Game Revolution: Spore Review

Game Revolution writes: "Let us come to an accommodation, hardcore gamers. I understand that you like things to be highly stylistic. I understand that you like your games 'complex' in the respect that you like there to be large numbers of moves to memorize and facts to master. But please listen long enough to see my perspective on these things: complication does not make for better gameplay. There are certainly examples where it does, but a game does not need to have eleventy billion special inputs to be fun. Are we agreed? Okay then, let's discuss Spore.

Spore is an incredibly complex game and idea presented in an extremely simple format. Almost everything is managed through a few simple button presses, and if you've long since mastered WASD controls and clicking a dashboard in the midst of tense situations, then you have all of the skill needed to blast through Spore. Please don't. Slow down. Take in the sights, because you will entirely miss the point if you play to min/max the game."

+ Flooring moments
+ Getting stomped by a Thundercougarfalconbird
+ Customization up the wazoo
+ Excellent outlet for creativity
+ First three stages are lots of fun
+ Tons of replayability
- Last two stages are dull
- Hard to get a unified story
- Bugs and minor design flaws all over

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