GamesRadar: Crysis Warhead Review

GamesRadar writes: "Crysis was the pinnacle of the modern, hardcore first-person shooter: wide-open level design, intensely violent, unabashedly difficult, with no Half-Life 2–style puzzles or obstacles that a super-powered punch couldn't solve, and a sliver of a story compared to Call of Duty 4. It brought our ability to interact with the environment in realistic ways to new levels, and the nanosuit was a masterstroke of game design that gave players the ability to perform super-human feats that transformed the nature of the gameplay depending on how you used them. It was a stunning achievement executed by devoted PC gamers, and it left us hanging when the game ended, wondering where Crytek would take the action from there."

You'll love

* Lots of action
* Visual quality even more luscious
* Dramatically improved performance

You'll hate

* Uninspired missions
* Thin story
* Doesn't exploit the nanosuit

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INehalemEXI3682d ago

That score seems harsh. Not that 7 is bad its just I would think you would reward a game that actually improves upon the original not often is that the case.

M337ING3682d ago

The review read more like an 8 for me.

TheIneffableBob3682d ago

Well, this is surprising. PC Gamer gave Crysis a 98%, yet they give Crysis: Warhead, a game that plays pretty similarly, a 73%.

Michael Jackson3682d ago

This confirms it. GamesRadar shouldn't be taken seriously.

Monty_The_Great3682d ago

shouldn't be taken seriously. Yet all of the other crap that get approved on this site should. At least GR doesn't seem to biased one way or another. If GR shouldn't be taken seriously, then nothing on this site should, because on n4g, way worse crap get approved

radio0o3681d ago

finally a proper review not blinded by hype. this game is generic crap. first crysis still cant even be played on most PCs and yet it got high scores just for graphics. the gameplay sucked ass

Mclovin963681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

First off, Crysis is the best shooter to be released since half-life 2. Warhead, consisting of more action, better graphics, and a more optimized engine, has a lot of good things going for it. Crytek played it safe and delivered a wicked game that not only fans of the original would appreciate, but people who couldn't handle the tactical gameplay of the first would also enjoy as well.

In this particular review, the reviewer made about 8 references to COD4, which clearly shows GamesRadar has some pretty inexperienced reviewers who don't know much about videogames. I own both COD4 and Crysis, and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed COD4 and it was one of the best shooters of 2007, but crysis is on a whole different level. It doesn't make sense to compare warhead to cod4. The reviewer didn't even mention the new multiplayer mode that Warhead had to offer, Crysis Wars, which is a huge part of the package. Half the package actually. Nor did he mention the $29.99 price tag, whice is a big deal when you are complaining about the length of the singleplayer campaign.

For anyone who is on the fence, you are a lot better off to go with someone who knows what they are talking about, such as Jason Ocampo (one of the best game reviewers in the business) from IGN.

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