GamesRadar: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Wii Review

GamesRadar writes: "Some LucasArts bright spark has seen the light: Force powers – those wonderful flinging, frying Jedi tricks – are infinitely more interesting than whanging around a strip light that goes 'whooOOom'. An even brighter spark built a decent God of War clone around them on next-gen consoles. And a final, brighter spark chose to treat the Wii with some respect. Force Unleashed Wii isn't the fully functioning next-gen Death Star, but a plucky Rebel Alliance. The Euphoria and DMM2 engines that shove physics down your throat on 360 and PS3 would make the Wii explode like so many comical droids. So, as with a Jedi mind trick, illusion is key. Ragdoll physics here, a pinch of Havoc box-tumbling there and you're set."

You'll love

* Solid framerate and lovely effects
* Great music and sound effects
* Awesome story

You'll hate

* Seriously bland levels
* A few control hiccups
* Repetitive combat

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