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GamesRadar writes: "Riding ATVs is something we don't get around to doing that often. As a result, Pure is a wonderful exercise in escapism, taking you away from the daily grind and into a high-octane environment in which you're able to zoom around beautiful countryside without a care in the world. And that's the beauty of Pure. You'll find yourself blazing through the tracks at breakneck speeds, with just enough control to make you feel connected, tempered with an edge of "Oh my god, I could fall off any moment." Pure plays a lot like the old Burnouts, but with the added mayhem of off-road dirt-tracks, full of bumps, hills, mountains, and big pools of water for you to either drive through or fall into. You can accelerate, break, and all the usual gumph that you'd expect from a racer, with the addition of being able to boost, as well as jump your ATV high up in the air and pull off Tony Hawk-esque tricks."

You'll love

* Satisfying to pull-off tricks
* Modifying your ATV is addictive
* Real sense of horrifying speed

You'll hate

* Tricks are pretty hard
* Unforgiving to newbies
* Unsure of its arcade/sim status

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Rick Astley3686d ago

This is the same impression I got from playing that awful demo but I'd rate it 5/10.

Montrealien3685d ago

Good review, it's clearly getting a positive reception around the press and I truly believe it deserves it. This game is a blast, I even picked up ATV off-road fury 4 today because we didn't receive it yet and I realized I never played it before and and wanted to see it's spiritual sequel to that great franchise published by Sony. Now more people can enjoy it. Well, when the stores get it. ;D

DARKTRINITYxxx3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Tbh couldnt care less what you score this game Rick Astley. Every pure topic ive read 100% sure ure making a negative remark. If you hate this game then why bother posting ? Youve made it clear you favour motorstorm 2 but from your comments in other posts you just make ureself look like a brand fan i dont think you would have a clue what a good game is if it bit you on the nose. I own a PS3 and will buy both games they both look great and reviews are already proving pure is a good buy. This review is the lowest score yet outta several others giving it excellent reviews and yet it still recomends the game. If you you wanna rob ureself of playing what looks like a terrific game then thats ure descision. But do us all a favour and stop whinging about it. Btw ure comments are cheesey just like the real singer Rick Astley was a cheesey singer.

James Vanderbeek3685d ago

thats some pretty dumb reasons they listed to hate the game though.. Hard to do tricks? lol not really..

The thing i disliked about the game the most was it really isnt about racing.. Its just about doing tricks.. Didnt seem to fun to me after a couple of laps and tricks. I really didnt know or cared what place i came in.. It just feels like your racing to do tricks and get air instead of trying to win the race.. You kinda forget your racing against other people and you really dont even care..