Namco Bandai Announces Tamagotchi Party On! For Wii

Become the most popular Tamagotchi on Tamgotchi Planet in the quirkiest and most hilarious game to hit the Wii this Spring.

NAMCO BANDAI announced today that Tamagotchi Party On! for the Wii will be coming to North America this Spring 2007. This 3D party game based on the Tamagotchi franchise promises tons of fun as up-to-four players can go head-to-head in the most comical and cute campaign race to become the most popular Tamagotchi on Tamagotchi Planet!

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TimAshdown5233d ago

Wow the entire press release word for word and this guy didn't even site a source. Nice Journalism

fablex5226d ago

Owh, ehm, source. Well, that has to be Namco Bandai itself, or in any cause the press guys that work for them...