Kutaragi On Cell's Future, Hints at External PS3 Power Supply

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi recently discussed how the Cell processor could be scaled down for the future, keeping costs down and how the Cell would be kept cool. The PS3 may end up using an external power brick much like the 360.

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Lucidmantra6519d ago (Edited 6519d ago )

Wow you mean after downing the 360's power brick... the PS3 might have a brick of doom also just like the much loathed 360? Where does the hypocrasy end at SOny. I am personally tired of them saying eww look at what Microsoft did ... its crappy then they come back 6 months later and use the same damn stuff. That is why i don't like SOny's business practises.

And do i need to say anything about the fact they are 5 months away from launch and they have not a clue where the power supply is in the system.

Jay da 2KBalla6518d ago

SONY-the power supply for a console should be internal yet we are going to make it external for the ps3.

SONY- It doesnt make sense to do a worldwide launch yet we are going to do it.

SONY- Two skus confuses the consumer and quite frankly is stupid yet we are going to do it.

All sony does is as you said knock microsoft and then do the same thing. Sony is just a bunch of hypocrites.

hardwood20016519d ago (Edited 6519d ago )

"Kutaragi Hints at External PS3 Power Supply"
Lol, sony corporation is really made up of "Bull" and if anyone disagrees, then you really are a fanGirl...
But than again nothing as been officially announce(yet).

Anerythristic266519d ago (Edited 6519d ago )

I've noticed that almost all of these PS3 "rumors" are actually being proven as fact. I think it is very childish to knock Microsoft then do the SAME EXACT THING. What garbage.

OutLaw6519d ago

Sony said the world would be a cold place indeed with out the Playstation. I'm freezing. Hey Sony I see you guys are making the sequel to Ghost Busters with your brick.

joemutt6519d ago

You get your new PS3 home and, darn it, gorgot to buy a power cable. I swear if it doesnt come with a power supply, then they have lost their minds.