Duke Nukem 3D (XBLA) - New screenshots

3D Realms published a new set of Duke Nukem 3D screenshots. Enjoy.

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I Call 9MM3684d ago

I wish 3D Realms would have spent a little more time with this game graphically. It didn't need a complete overhaul, but new technology has already been developed for the BUILD engine (the engine that Duke3D runs on), by it's original creator no less, called Polymost to render the environments into true polygons, allowing for the use of OpenGL and Direct3D rendering. It is something that was done 2-4 years ago (it's been awhile anyway). Anyway, this would have meant higher resolutions, smoothed out sprites, etc.... etc... Makes Duke Nukem 3D on the PC look pretty spiffy.

Also, they could have taken all the original source data and re-rendered all of the sprites at higher resolutions (the enemies where originally created using 3D modeling, then that data used to make the sprites). There aren't that many textures in the game either, I'm sure a team could have fixed them up too, or even gone back to the original assets and used them. It's not like they haven't re-rendered the sprites before, I believe it was done for the PlayStation and Saturn versions back in the day, and the Duke Nukem 64 versions looked different as well.

I'm sure the game will still be fun, but it looks, graphically at least, pretty quickly hacked together. These screenshots look like it's running on a low end PC from 1995. The non graphical upgrades are nice though, I have to admit.

Radiodread3683d ago

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