GamesRadar: Guys vs Games: Which is better?

GamesRadar writes: "This past summer, your favorite chauvinists at GR wondered loudly if games were better than women. After a thoroughly scientific test, we decided that games were in fact a smidge more favorable than the fairer sex, but just slightly. As we sat atop our thrones, proud of our journalistic integrity, a lone voice from a small blog grabbed our attention. Jessica V. of PinkNINJA wanted to refute our claims. So, we gave her a soapbox. Enjoy!

Recently, the reprobates at GamesRadar paired women and games in a head to head competition that somehow deemed games the more worthy of love from men. Time to turn the tables.

Frankly speaking, games require a hell of a lot less effort than guys from a woman's point of view. PlayStation doesn't care if we shave our legs and/or wear makeup. Our stubble and over-sized pajamas mean nothing to our 360s. Games also give us hours of pleasure. Guys? Minutes, tops."

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