Nvidia's 'GeForce now' will turn your Apple laptop into a gaming beast, but It's not cheap

"Nvidia revealed its new and improved GeForce Now PC game-streaming service during its CES 2017 keynote last night. The service was previously only available on other Nvidia devices like the Shield Tablet and Shield Android TV, but will soon be available for any PC or Mac computer as well." - Forbes

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cheri26921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Wow this is the biggest scam ever.... 1060 quality costs $25 for 20 hours, $25 for 10 hours with a 1080. On top of that you have to buy the games you can play. This has got to be the industries biggest price gouge ever.

FU Nvidia!

kneon920d ago

And people were whining about the PS Now pricing. With these prices this is really only for the occasional use.

Ninte920d ago

The price is ridiculous and what's that in NZ$, I may as well build a pc

Grap920d ago

"the GTX 1060---costs $25 for 20 hours of play. That's not bad, actually"
i guess the author of the article is on the pile of treasure