Kombo: Guitar Hero: World Tour Hands-on

If gaming is the new rock and roll, then Guitar Hero is the godfather of rock, much like James Brown is the godfather of soul. Storming the industry a number of years ago, few people were prepared for the cultural phenomenon that it became.

The concept of Guitar Hero is silly; using a plastic guitar you try your best to match notes on the screen to the rhythm of popular rock songs. On paper, it sounds a notch above playing the air guitar. In practice, there has never been a better party game that appeals to all color and creeds of gamers. Now in its fourth major iteration (sixth if you count Rock the 80s and Aerosmith editions), Guitar Hero is taking the entire band on its very first World Tour.

Let's get the obvious out of the way, there will be heavy comparisons to Rock Band and it might potentially start a rivalry of sorts but that is a different article for a different day. World Tour makes some serious improvements on the Guitar Hero formula so let's focus on that first.

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