SingStar's DRM is Broken Beyond Belief

Colin T. from Infinite Bits talks about how horribly mangled SingStar's DRM system is for its downloadable songs:

"SingStar's DRM is by far and away the most controlling system from a videogame company in this day and age, even outstripping the berserk Spore DRM system (which is hard to do)."

Any owner of SingStar will think twice about downloading a song after reading this...

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Raoh3687d ago

that's good to know. i just bought a few singstar tracks over the weekend........

unfortunately i doubt it will be addressed. these are not big concern issues for companies unless it happens in mass and the people go to the internet and doors of the companies with pitch forks and torches..

LoVeRSaMa3687d ago

OMG, not singstar, its like my favorite game, please Sony fix the DRM, what ever will I do.


PirateThom3687d ago

Errr... yes, you can redownload it.

There's a section for "downloaded files".

typikal823687d ago

thats what i did, guess the guy's not very bright

Lord Anubis3687d ago

:| he doesn't even explain the procedures he just goes on about how its "Draconian" a word he clearly just learned from reading all the spore DRM issues.

jmare3687d ago

He probably doesn't really know what it means.

ctorretta3687d ago

Draconion? Doesn't that mean delicious?

CViper3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

He is saying he can't use a new ps3, with his PSN id.. to DOWNLOAD the songs he already downloaded in Singstar.

Thats why its oh so draconian..


I have a feeling "draconian" is going to be the overused word of this generation to describe any sort of regulation or rules now. Much like calling cops "Nazi's" After they bust up a party for being too loud. Ahh the stupid.

ctorretta3687d ago

Haha, you really think I cut and pasted one word? Even I'm not that lazy.

Clearly you just heard the word for the first time recently, but some of us have had it in our vocabulary for a long time. ;)


wAtdaFck3687d ago

Sure Colin...

Attack CViper with insults, but don't defend your use for the word you pointlessly used.


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Dan-Camz3687d ago

this happend to me when my 60gb broke down and i got my replacement (within 2 days mite i add) , and all u gotta do is phone the playstation helpline, explain the situation and they reset the purchases for u so u can re-download ur purchases on singstar without having to pay again.

CViper3687d ago

its a draconian practice. Much MUCH worse than SPORE!!!!! We should all be upset and alarmed that Sony is trying to steal everyones rights as gamers!

Well, thats what the author wants to do. Its sad he didn't call Sony. If he did, im sure he would have wrote that in his wah-blog

ctorretta3687d ago

Really? Cuz I called and did just that and they said I was SOL... I'll try again I guess. :)


Shadow Man3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

WOOOOOO lets get the party starting yeah!

*pops open the champaign*



gambare3687d ago

yup, it rocks, mostly because I can re-download everything in the download section.

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The story is too old to be commented.