"New products" at Nintendo's fall conference?

Okay, let's face it. E3 pretty much stunk for Nintendo fans. As exciting as Animal Crossing: City Folk and GTA: China Town Wars are, they were not huge titles that gamers were expecting. No Punch-Out. No Kid Icarus. No Mario or Zelda. Not even footage of Pikmin. Nintendo may redeem themselves for their E3 event, however, with their rumored conference this fall. However, it might not be a rumor much longer...

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vashivihang3686d ago

i hope this is true, then it will shed some light on 1st party lieup for 2009.

imagine, if they announce new starfox, f zero or lonf rumoured kid icarus, combined that with 3rd party offerings of 2009, it will roxxorz

Product3686d ago

I want Punchout
but a Starfox,F-Zero,or a Kid Icarus i would be happy with.

Just give me an announcement a screenshot and a time frame and ill be happy

ex.Punchout,screenshot of Mac knocking out King Hippo,and a time frame around when the Motion Plus ships.
Do it! you want do it!

stackr3686d ago

If they're gonna announce anything this year, it probably will be rushed and be crap. On the other hand if it's any time in 2009 then it would be awesome. Games I would hope for are Kid Icarus, and maybe a true sucesser to Duck hunt which uses Motion Plus! Or even that they'll announce that they are the publishers of The Conduit and talk about that! I hope it's the last one!

FantasyStar3686d ago

I already traded my Wii for a 360 and am not looking back. Here's a major FINGER to your lack of quality games and scrappy controls.

jorgeanaya0003686d ago

Dude, who are you talking to? You know Nintendo can't hear you, right?

chanmasta3685d ago

... MY GOD!!! HAHAHA!!!

"Dude, who are you talking to? You know Nintendo can't hear you, right?"



Product3686d ago

Funny how someone like that always has to comment.
They never comment when the games actually do arrive.

vashivihang3686d ago

its funny how some people are usually first in line to bash t he wii and when newses of good games are announced, they are "mysteriousely" absent

come out in the open people. nothing to be ashamed about

ps : lol only 2 bubbles left. would be appreciated if someone could spare a bubble

jorgeanaya0003686d ago

I'll give you one, since you backed me up earlier.

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The story is too old to be commented.