Rumour: 'furious' MS brought forward price drop

Microsoft was forced to bring forward its European 360 price cut following the now notorious Woolworths leak, a source has said. Earlier today, Microsoft announced that it would be slashing GBP 30 off all three of its 360 SKUs in Europe, effective this Friday.

While the new price points came as no surprise, it seems that last week's very public Woolworths catalogue leak – which showed the revised prices – forced Microsoft to bring forward the announcement.

As one industry insider revealed to us yesterday, Microsoft had been due to announce the price cut (along with a new Bungie game) at a rumoured European event next week.

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DavidMacDougall3686d ago

Microsoft wet there knickers HAHAHA while sony stands and waits like a smart tiger

cemelc3686d ago

The 360 is about to fall.

bouncybullet3686d ago

You guys are true f a g g o t s.

Darkiewonder3686d ago

Really Microsoft? it's not like anything can be kept a secret these days anyways. and this sure isn't the first time it has happened to them.

Seraphim3686d ago

and the thing is these fliers are printed a week to a month in advance. If a retailer knows the price is dropping and is printing a new add for it there's not much they can do to control how/when this info gets out... A friend of mine use to work at a printing company that prints Playboy, Cabela's, Shopko and several other adds/magazines/catalogs & I'd often know who the Playmate was months in advance, & normally even see the magazine if I down there, etc. Same goes for adds in which good sales were going on or price drops, he'd let me know...

But yeah, in one way, shape, or form you can't keep stuff like this secret. You're better off not letting the retailers know and surprising everyone w/ the price drop. Keep everyone in the dark until the announcement is made... If Microsoft is made they have only themselves to blame...

Time Lord3686d ago

with in 3 months?! Desperations!!

Aclay3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I think that second price drop on the 360 this year in Europe will not even matter. I mean come on, the Xbox 360 has been cheaper than the Wii over there for a while but the PS3 still outsells it in Europe, so why would yet ANOTHER price drop make any difference?

I mean, it's not like people in Europe couldn't afford a 360 before this price drop because the majority of the Europeans were buying PS3's at higher price points and if they were buying PS3's at higher price points, then obviously those same people COULD have bought a 360 but didn't.

BlackRaven853686d ago

But games do, which Microsoft hasn't had really good games there. It could be different with the line up. It'll sell for awhile with Fable, maybe Banjo. But yeah, it'll get slow results not the impact factor they would like, however, it'll be enough to keep them happy.

MaximusPrime3686d ago

M$ is known for furious outburst. Why? they are greedy

ArsArcanum3686d ago

I guess they were scared that no one would buy one just before a price drop

bouncybullet3686d ago

Wow did you go to business school to learn that...?

Would you buy a PS3 if the price was dropping next month?

I don't think so.

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