5 Games With A Misunderstood Reputation

Not every "bad game" deserves its reputation, some are just misunderstood because they were too ambitious, over hyped or heavily plagued by a bad development cycle.

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stanr1484d ago

Not all bad games are actually bad, some of them deserve a second look.

Nibbs1482d ago

Shut your mouth.

No Mans Sky first trailer looked like this epic world of exploration and conflict.

Reality was - barren waste lands with creatures looking straight out of Gary's Mod.

No Mans Sky also promised the ability to play with friends which all was said during talk show interviews.

Reality Was - Absolutely zero multiplayer found inside the game, there were even sketchy moments of discoveries disappearing if you happened to travel far enough into the center of the universe.

The developers also promised a really cool ending to the game once you reached the center of the universe.

Reality Was - ...just YouTube the ending and realize how much of a shit show this game is.

They EVEN came back with some base making update.

Reality Was - They first sold you on a game of massive nearly endless space exploration, though they came back out with an expansion pack based on base-making which promotes squatting on a damn planet and doing very little.


thorstein1482d ago (Edited 1482d ago )

MP as you claim was never, ever promised. In fact, it was explained in 2014, 2015, and 2016 that the game wasn't MP.

Lack of reading comprehension (GI's "Stop Thinking of No Man's Sky as a Multiplayer Game" 2014) isn't the fault of the developer.

Are some promised things missing from the game? Yes. Are some unpromised things in the game. Yes. Were there lies written by hack journalists and repeated in echo chambers touted as truths (no large scale space battles)? Yes

There are two endings to the game, in reality.

Reality is, you haven't played the new update. Your base and every single space station has a teleporter to quickly move between your base and the space station. That means you can move across the galaxy in the blink of an eye.

stanr1482d ago

You never read the article, did you?

MilkMan1482d ago

My take away from this is something I cling to religiously. Price will often time dictate my expectations levels and perhaps rightly so.
Something priced at $15 to $20 bucks will receive a less critical (not a pass) eye as opposed to a $60 dollar one.
When I put down $60 im expecting a life changing experience. When I give you $10 to $15 bucks I understand that this project may be something personal, or very niche or perhaps even vaguely resemble a game as I know it in its traditional sense.
time and price give one the ability to experience a game quietly and without reservations.
This is not great for developers, especially indie ones, but sometimes it's all you can do to truly enjoy something.
Daikatana was crap, though, not even time can help that mess. Everything else on that list I can mostly agree with.

Razzer1482d ago

Why is there a picture of No Man's Sky? The piece doesn't even mention that game at all.