Is The Paper Mario Series Dying?

With plummeting sales and a fanbase becoming more dissatisfied, is it time for Paper Mario -- a once lauded RPG spin-off -- to be put to bed?

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FallenAngel19841423d ago

Well the last Paper Mario game has no chance of selling pass 1 million like the rest of the series has, so you could say it's dying. This wouldn't be the case if Nintendo would just listen to the fans and try giving them a sequel that built off of the original and TTYD mechanics

wonderfulmonkeyman1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

At this point I'd settle for a new one that used the same mechanics as Super Paper Mario.
At least that one was still challenging at times and had a wonderful story, something I cannot comfortably say about the last couple of entries.
I even liked Mr. L, corny as that concept was.XD

FallenAngel19841423d ago

I do too. It'd be great if we had another 2D Mario game that had a different aesthetic to NSMB. SPM was the greatest departure for the Paper Mario series, but idk if Intelligent Systems would revisit such an awesome idea

rjason121423d ago

Maybe the sales reception to this will put them back in the right mind, (though I enjoyed this one more than sticker star)

_-EDMIX-_1422d ago

@rja- I hope so because I don't really want much in regards to a paper Mario RPG simply want Thousand Year Door gameplay and an interesting story I never asked for any platforming and stuff or changing your perspective or anything like that nothing's wrong with that but it's the fact that the game play change so significantly I personally just want regular Paper Mario rpg gameplay like we got from the first two games.

This is one of the areas where I wish Nintendo would just stay a little bit more conservative because sometimes they change things and just fly off the handle and basically try to redo a wheel that no one was asking them to do.

Fist4achin1422d ago

Nintendo seems to have a hard time listening to their fanbase. It will ultimately hurt them Into to the future.

As a side note, I'm feeling like the switch is a continuation of where the Wiiu wanted to go and I don't like Nintendo doing away with the 3ds altogether.

wonderfulmonkeyman1422d ago

FYI, 3DS isn't being replaced by the Switch, the Wii U is.

_-EDMIX-_1422d ago

Lol yes, truth.

Paper Mario Thousand Year Door is the last great Paper Mario game.

I was worried about color splash the second I heard they are Outsourcing it to some no-name team.

FallenAngel19841422d ago

Super Paper Mario is a great game

NukaCola1422d ago

The Wii U Paper Mario Color Splash game is actually pretty good but the system is dead so unfortunately the game crashed with it. Truthfully Paper Mario and the Mario and Luigi Saga series have done almost all they can do. Now that the Wii U and 3DS are coming to an end and the switches the main focus of Nintendo, I think that they should create a new Mario role playing game that is not Paper or Buddy Team like they did before.

Truthfully I really wish that they would create a Zelda role-playing game. I would really like something that's turn-based with a lot of characters and story not just action and hit points. Or even better if they created something in the Smash Brothers universe in role-playing forum and had a crossover with characters kind of like the Kingdom Hearts-ish level of love. I think party games sports games and such with Mario have never really tried to venture out until the DLC with Mario Kart 8. I would really like to see the Nintendo properties as an entire universe come together in more interesting games of the future. Just a thought

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Moonman1422d ago

If Switch sells well, watch a excellent PM come to it.

PhoenixUp1422d ago

How are Switch sales going to suddenly change the direction that Intelligent Systems has taken with the Paper Mario franchise

Moonman1422d ago

Luck. Nintendo will want to make the Paper Mario to sell bigger numbers to a larger install base.

_-EDMIX-_1422d ago

@moon? I don't understand? They wanted to sell garbage on the Wii U? That doesn't explain the changes they made when it released for the Wii.

I'm sorry but I don't believe any publisher wants to make crappy games I believe they always go in there with the best intention to make the best that they possibly can which actually means if they fully believed they were making a great game with color splash Nothing is Stopping them from believing they're making a great game on the switch that would probably still end up being garbage

PhoenixUp1422d ago

@ Moon

That doesn't make sense. 3DS sold well but they still decided to make Sticker Star.

They also didn't make Color Splash based on Wii U's install base

_-EDMIX-_1422d ago

.. not necessarily the wii sold amazingly the Paper Mario on that system was garbage

PhoenixUp1422d ago

Super Paper Mario is an awesome game

wonderfulmonkeyman1422d ago

In your opinion, not in fact.

_-EDMIX-_1422d ago

@phoe- I don't think it's a bad game simply that compared to the previous Paper Mario RPG I just don't like how casual they made it.

Just give me the game play of A Thousand Year Door and I'm good.

@wonder- yes that's my opinion, it's not a fact....

My point is simply illustrating that lots of people have not really cared for the Paper Mario series recently regardless of platform success and I agree with them, Thousand Year Door in my personal opinion is the last great Paper Mario RPG.

I mean.... these are all just opinions.

Moonman1421d ago

I'm only trying to say that i'm sure Nintendo has seen reviews of the past two games and fans' outrage. They stubbornly stuck to a 3DS games mirror Wii U releases strategy. Hence 3D World and Color Splash being similar to 3D Land and Sticker Star.

KaZeDaRKWIND1422d ago

Until they go back to the good version of paper mario, it's already dead to me.

_-EDMIX-_1422d ago

Thousand Year Door or bust

TheDivine1422d ago

Been dead since GameCube.

jaymacx1422d ago

Silly companies taking RPG elements out of a rpg game (mass effect rings a bell )? Miyamoto needs to leave PM alone.. what made PM great was its play mechanics and quirky story. Mario and Luigi has become the new paper mario. Maybe they should collaborate with Square Enix and make another super mario rpg.

quent1422d ago

Just give us super mario rpg 2 already

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