Why the Playstation 4 won't have Blu-ray

Digital Home writes: "I know Sony zealots will probably scoff at the very thought of Blu-ray not being included in the Playstation 4 because of their belief that so much of Sony's future is tied to Blu-ray, but I'm not willing to sip the Kool-Aid.

To me, Blu-ray is the LaserDisc of its time. It's not nearly as useful as the DVD that it's trying to supplant, and the future is coming on so quickly that it may not have the time to cement itself in the industry before HD downloads become the next big thing in the space.
To make matters worse, I simply don't see how we can categorically say that Blu-ray was such a major part of Sony's success this year with the Playstation 3. Let's be honest--is the average mainstream user who isn't tech-savvy at all, really buying a Playstation 3 to watch the same movies they have on DVD already?"

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Expy3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Oh, it will... It'll be faster and have a higher capacity though, but it'll still have a Blu-Ray drive.

Cryos3687d ago

the only reason I could say why the PS4 wouldn't have a blu-ray drive, is because every generation, sony has released a console with a new optical media (CD-ROM, DVD, Blu-ray)

Does that mean there WON'T be a blu-ray drive in the PS4, only sony knows. But I am almost 100% certain that it will have a hard format and won't go download only (might even be flash drive, who knows)

Why won't they go download only? because you lose out on a number of areas. Increasing game sales, by the "barrowing" of games (for example, I took Heavenly Sword to a buddies house for a couple of days. He then went out to buy his own copy) Also, you'll lose out on the Casual crowd of gamers that don't and won't download. They just want to pick up the game at walmart, or the bargain bin at gamestop, take it home and play it.

Chubear3687d ago

First it was "Blu-ray is DOOMED!!!!! HD DVD has won this one" then it's was "Bluray is DOOMED! HD DVD/Blu-ray devices to be out soon" then it was "Blu-ray is DOOMED!!!! Downloadable content the Blu-ray KILLA!"

Now it's "er, erm, Ok OK, Blu-ray is DOOOOOOOOOMED!!!... in 2012"

Cryos3687d ago

So, my last comment was before actually reading the article. Having read it, this author makes a statement that actually explains WHY blu-ray will survive (even though he didn't mean to).

"The main advantage DVD still enjoys is that it's mobile and ubiquitous. You can bring a DVD from your house, play it in your car en route to your buddy's place, and finish it when you get to his house."

Blu-ray WILL get to this point. But the author then goes on to say....

"It's becoming easier and easier to stream movies from your computer to your HDTV. A Roku Netflix box means Blu-ray isn't even needed anymore, and cable companies offer VOD service for those that don't feel like popping a DVD into the player."

While true, that these services are becoming more mainstream, and great options for the living room, he completely forgets the argument before. Which is it? Streaming media is the future because it's convenient, or taking movies from one place to another?

What consumers love more than anything is choices. Tangible media is not going anywhere soon. In fact, Hollywood is making sure it stays around with offering digital copies of movies with the hard disk.

Just look at CDs to see how long Disks will be around. With iTunes, HDradio, Satellite radio, and more out there, Disks still survive.

Statix3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Good luck on that prediction, you BUFFOON. You absolute, blatant, Microsoft-loving, fanboy BUFFOON.

That is, good luck on downloading 25-50+ GB games every time you want to buy a new game on the Xbox 720 or PS4.

Good luck convincing developers like Konami and Kojima, Rockstar, and id Software, that DVD is enough space for the NEXT generation of consoles (when some developers are already cramped for more storage in THIS generation on the XB360).

Good luck on avoiding lost sales from non-internet equipped or non-broadband gamers.

Good luck on not sounding like a complete retard in your next inept excuse for an editorial.

TapiocaMilkTea3687d ago

It will have a drive. Not sure what it is, but it will play Bluray disc regardless.

Real Gambler3687d ago

As said by others, downloading 50Gig movies and games is around the corner, but it's not something you will see in rural area and small cities for quite a while. Not in 2-5 years like this goof seem to think. Wires won't do it, and fibers are just starting.

But sure enough, downloading is quite likely the future. Funnily, this guy bash the PS3, and it's the only current generation console that is really ready for that as it is! Every PS3 comes with a hard drive that is easily upgradable. 500gig may be a bit small right now, but it's done easily TODAY and for relatively cheap. PSN already allow huge files to be downloaded. If there's a problem with the PS3, I think there's a MAJOR problem with the other consoles.

Then come the biggest advantage for consoles. Going to a friend place? Bring your games if your friends doesn't have the same ones. Bored with your games? Sell them or trade them. Cannot afford a new game? Buy it used. This is something that many gamers like. Try to do that with a download...

Last, people bought VHS in the past, bought DVD until lately, and people are buying BluRay today. The market share is growing as a proof. And technically, there's no need for another movie support for many years to come. BluRay does the trick for HD and it's big enough to fill the current generation HDTV. Again, same principle apply. Tired of my old movie? Sell or trade. Going to friend's place? Bring a bunch of movies with you. Cannot afford a great movie new? Buy a used one.

And last, sure downloading is great. Not sure I would want $800 worth of movies or games on ONE hard drive though. And no matter what, devs and movie maker will make sure you cannot copy everything on multiple hard drives, so pray that they are making those drives better than today, because right now, a hard disk is definitively not the best support for any expensive movie or game collection : )

sumfood4u3687d ago

Yes im just speculating! Anyways Lets hope the Bring out more Final Fantasy games for PS4. I wish Square/Enix made Final Fantasy Tactics online game that would be Ubber!

deeznuts3687d ago

First the argument is that people only bought the PS3 for bluray. Now, the argument is nobody buys it for bluray.

People just hating on Sony!

RyuStrife3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

SO...according to the Author, every future car will come standard with Satellite capabilities so people can just stream videos right into the car and watch a movie. That sounds interesting. Besides, I'm pretty sure most household isn't going to switch to 5mbs(or higher) Internet service soon(even though that's still slow for downloading anything 4gb and up, seriously). Probably by 4-5 years? I wouldn't know, but I wouldn't mind the car satellite might be a bit pricey though.

prunchess3687d ago

There must be thousands of posts on this site stating that people prefer the hard media, be it discs, cartridges or whatever. Downloads are too long and in some countries expensive. (paying by the gig downloaded) How much would your game end up costing?

Plus direct downloads have no re-sale value if they are sh!t. I and thousands of others will hold onto our discs, thank you.

SlyGuy3687d ago

how digital downloads will take over any time soon.

Video games are going to continue to increase in size. E.g. MGS4 filling up a Blu-Ray disc.

Imagine a PS5/XBOX1080 game being a TERABYTE??!?!

Sure internet speeds are increasing, but to me it seems to increase at a proportionate or slower rate to video game file sizes.

UnSelf3687d ago

It wont beed blu ray any longer.

It will now have Ray tracing

AAACE53687d ago

I don't think HD downloads will take off the way people think, because no matter how you cut it... people like having their product in a physical form! I like having disc because of the fact that everything has a timed life expectancy. When I get bored with a game or movie, I like to sell them so that it's not a total loss and so I can get some of my money back! Once you buy something you download, you are stuck with it, and can't sell it to someone else.

However, I don't think Blu-ray will be the final answer, as there are more formats in the works that offer better features than Blu-ray such as HVD. HVD can hold something like 300-500 Gb's of information... which I think would make Hideo Kojima have wet dreams! And by the time the new systems launch, this tech could be inside the Ps4 or Xbox 720.

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Franklinstein3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

It's not like blu-ray's image quality is much better than DVD anyway. It might get some use in down the road as physical storage for PC's.

PirateThom3687d ago

You are kidding, aren't you?

Franklinstein3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

They had a display at Best Buy with one tv running DVD and one running blu-ray. I could barely tell a difference. There certainly wasn't enough difference to make me want a blu-ray player.

edit- I don't know. They were running on Bravia's, that's all I know.

PirateThom3687d ago

Are you sure it was running blu-ray?

Was it connected via HDMI?

Because to me the difference is pretty huge.

mcm3687d ago

Are you legally blind? How big was the screen that you were viewing?
1080p regardless if it is coming from a blu-ray disk or a downloaded file (such as quicktime movie trailers) looks 10 times better than DVD. If you can't tell the differece then what else could you be missing out on in this world? That is a scarey thought.

El_Colombiano3687d ago

Calm guys, Best Buy is known for just hooking up HD players to HDTVs in a non HD way.

Kholinar3687d ago

"Are you legally blind? How big was the screen that you were viewing?
1080p regardless if it is coming from a blu-ray disk or a downloaded file (such as quicktime movie trailers) looks 10 times better than DVD."

Also depends on the transfer. There are some BR discs out there with such bad transfers that they don't look appreciably better than an upscaled dvd. I'm extremely picky about what BR discs I buy as a result. I'd never buy any disc that doesn't at least rate a silver on this, very informative, thread:

Studios are trying to cash out with a lot of these crap discs, then they'll release a re-mastered version for $10 more and screw people again.

joevfx3687d ago

what perscription glasses do you wear? or are you blind? I work in the film industry an dim sorry, there is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEE EEE image quality difference. not to mention a HUGE audio difference. blu ray is king hands down. hence the reason why DVD sales are dropping each month and blu ray sales are rising.

thor3687d ago

IMO blu-ray makes a huge difference for games (purely because they are rendered, so you can always see more detail at a higher resolution), but for TV/Films, whilst it can make a big difference, it's not always as noticable, because the detail _is_ there (you know, in real life), and is reflected in the subtle change of colour in individual pixels. If you have poor eyesight or a small TV it also won't make any difference.

Killjoy30003687d ago

This clown should be a f*ckin comedian.

Megatron083687d ago

Its funny how fanboys say there is a "HUGE" difference when the truth is blu ray is only slightly better then dvd so slight that the average joe cant even tell the difference when they are looking at the 2 side by side. I have a couple of blu ray movies (got them free with my ps3) and sure they look nice but I wouldnt pay 10 -20 more for that slight improvement in picture and i wouldnt buy movies that I already own for that slight improvement (well maybe LotR and Star wars)

TheTimeDoctor3687d ago

is that you stevie wonder?

UltimateIdiot9113687d ago

You made choke on dinner, lol. Bubble for you.

Real Gambler3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Let me try:

It's not like a Ferrari is much better than Kia anyway. It might get some use in down the road for daily commuting...

Dang, even just the bluray sound is ten times better. (Now, come to think about it, same goes for the sound of the Ferrari!!!)

TheDude2dot03687d ago

Two people disagreed with "Damn comedians?".

Me is confuz-ed.

AAACE53687d ago

The typical person cannot notice the difference from DVD to Blu-ray because they don't study detail in that way! The only way for them to truely see is for them to see it on a 120Hz tv.

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reincarnated3687d ago

i dont know about anyone else but i dont think sony would take a step back by not putting in blu-ray.

sony = innovators

Raoh3687d ago

why all the blu ray hate as of late from these sites?

new formats every week to join a battle that ended already?

sites trying to downplay blu ray but hype the standard dvd?

etc etc etc...

some people must have had money invested in HD-DVD and are still bitter...

iHEARTboobs3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Oops, wrong thread.

LevDog3687d ago

I promise you it will.. For one reason.. Sony has realized how important BC is.. they will put it in, just for you to play your PS3 games on your PS4.. by then Blu ray drives will be dirt cheap just like DVD drives are now..

Megatron083687d ago

I think sony final realize that they can resell their old games on the psn and make more money then they can by including BC their system. Why else do you think they took BC out of the ps3

Cenobia3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

They took the BC out of the PS3 because it costs to much. Lowering production costs means increased profits (or decreased losses since the PS3 doesn't sell for a profit).

Also, PS2 games aren't available on the PS Store, and all PS3's play PS1 games. Your comment has crumbled apart like stale cookies, and now lays on my kitchen floor where it will remain for some time as a trophy of my superior intelligence (but mostly because I'm lazy).

Good to see you know what you're talking about, though.

iHEARTboobs3686d ago

"Your comment has crumbled apart like stale cookies, and now lays on my kitchen floor where it will remain for some time as a trophy of my superior intelligence (but mostly because I'm lazy). "

That was great, haha!