Looking Forward: Why NieR: Automata could have the best story of 2017

Quirky yet dark, the unique tale of NieR deserved some polish, with Platinum on board and a bigger budget, NieR: Automata could have 2017's best story.

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Jayszen649d ago

We would all like a crystal ball and an ability to see the future but this is not about to happen so why don't we wait and see just how good Nier:Automata actually turns out. I agree the expectation on this is high and all indications are from what we have seen so far is that the gameplay is as good as expected.

oIITSBIIo649d ago

Nah, if Mass Effect Andromeda' story is as good as the previous 3 games it will be the best story easily.

derekdashiell648d ago

Honestly, after how Mass Effect 3 wrapped up, I'm not as hopeful for that future.

oIITSBIIo647d ago

Unlike most people, I love ME3, it's my favorite ME game.