5 of the most surprising Xbox One games of 2016

Carlos writes - "Okay so 2017 may be here, but with so many games due out each year it can take a while before we finish the delights of the year before. After all, every game maintains that it will offer everything we want in a game and with so many failing to deliver it can more often than not end in disappointment anyway. Sometimes though the opposite happens, and whilst we sit watching a release come by, expecting it to be a bit pants, there will be millions of players out there enjoying a fine masterpiece right under our nose."

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Relientk772218d ago

All multiplatform games, wow

Eonjay2218d ago

Thats the 'surprise'.

_-EDMIX-_2218d ago


Literally makes no sense to even have any relevance to Xbox.

Christopher2218d ago

They write about xbox one games only, I don't see the issue.

Razzer2218d ago

Surprising, not best. Big difference

WellyUK2217d ago

whats the issue? Most first party games are played for like a week or 1 playthrough and not touched again. Multiplat games have more staying power no matter the system.

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OldGuyStillGaming2218d ago

This list is a joke
They could have done a better job at actually putting a good list together

darthv722218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

My personal list of xb1 games that surprised me in 2016 include ryse, sunset overdrive, dead rising 3, shadow of mordor and fallout 4.

To others these are old games but to me they are new as I too am new to the xb1. I was surprised by how good and fun these games really are. I read what others have said and then to play them and formulate my own opinion... and I'm glad my view differs from others who hated on some of these.

this year I expect to play games like quantum break, recore, ori and the blind forest and many more.

I also have a personal list of ps4 games of 2016 but that is for another thread.

ninsigma2218d ago

Ryse was definitely one of those games that was just a victim of the online hate machine.

TheColbertinator2218d ago

The online hate machine sure is a constant mess

Mr Lahey2218d ago

Chill out guys. I don't see what's wrong with doing a list with multi platform games for Xbox. The site is clearly specifically aiming at Xbox gamers. Gamers who play multi platform games as well as exclusives.