Can Microsoft Realistically Go A Full Year Without a New Halo, Gears or Forza Title?

ThisGenGaming says "Microsoft had a great year in 2016. More information on Project Scorpio was released, the Xbox One S was sent out, and great deals were to be had as well as numerous releases. Sales for their console were up compared to Sony, and overall sales were great for the company. So with 2017 coming around the corner – can Microsoft still do well without any news of releases for their flagship titles and series?"

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FallenAngel19842753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Of course not, especially without Forza. In fact Forza has become Microsoft's annual franchise like MLB: The Show is for Sony. Another thing to note is that 2016 would've been the first time we didn't receive a Halo game since 2008 if Halo Wars: Definitive Edition hadn't squeezed into December.

Better question would if Microsoft could create a new IP this gen that becomes as successful as those three.

"Sales for their console were up compared to Sony"

What? Are you really saying XO's sales in 2016 were better than PS4's?

RpgSama2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The issue is that they will not have a year without a Halo or Forza title, in 2017 we will have the release of Halo Wars Remastered and Halo Wars 2 + a new unnanounced Forza title.

So, the answer is no, they can't or at least they've never tried to have a year without any of them for a long time.

darthv722753d ago

I'd love to see them try. During which time they can evaluate some of their original titles like crimson skies, blinx and others that should be brought back into the current market.

Obscure_Observer2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Oh but racing fans like myself WANT a new Forza this year!

Since people said difference between Scorpio and PS4Pro will be minimal at best, i´m dying to see how well PS4Pro´s GT Sport will fare against Scorpio´s Forza 7. :)

Racing fans will get the best of two worlds. ;)

morganfell2753d ago

I really want MS to give us a new Brute Force. Loved that game.

Why o why2753d ago

Otagi for me on top of crimson skies

bouzebbal2753d ago

Forza will be out this year it's sure..

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Bigpappy2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

There will most likely be a Forza this year. But that falls in line with their strategy for that franchise. I don't see it as a necessity, as much as just the way they have been handling Forza. There will also be Halo wars2. But same goes for that. Superior Multi-plats with resolution and frame rate will do more for Scorpio and the Xbox brand than exclusives will. Games like GTA, Elder Scrolls ... attract way more fans than any exclusives.

If more game run better on Xbox, more people will buy Xbox. It's like politics, you want to hold your base, the attract those that aren't loyalists. Can't get all gamers. Some will stay on PC, PS4, Nintendo, tables, ... No matter what.

Overload2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

"Superior Multi-plats with resolution and frame rate will do more for Scorpio and the Xbox brand than exclusives will."


(Until recently) You realize what Halo did for the Xbox brand as a whole? Without the success of Halo CE or Halo 2 you wouldn't have even have had a 360, never mind the Xbox One.

Also, you realize the small percentage of people dying to play games at the highest resolutions and frame rates are primiraly on PC and even on PC they are a very small part of the user base.

Latest Steam Survey reveals interesting stats about PC gamers

"One of the surprising statistics is that a large percentage of Steam users’ primary resolution is under Full HD (1080p), with 24.76% of users running on 1366 x 768 resolution. The most popular resolution for Steam users is 1920 x 1080 at 38.21%, while only 1.84% of total users run at 1440p."

Phill-Spencer2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@ overload
"(Until recently) You realize what Halo did for the Xbox brand as a whole? Without the success of Halo CE or Halo 2 you wouldn't have even have had a 360, never mind the Xbox One."

They recently forgot that exclusives do matter. Last gen gears and halo were THE bragging point for xbox gamers why to have an xbox console. To me it is mindboggling how they accepted ms changing xbox in a 100% multiplatform machine and preaching the new mantra that exclusives don't count so fast. They were bragging about halo 5 as exclusive, many stating ms would never release gears on pc but short time later gears comes to pc, it's okay and exclusives aren't important anymore. It's crazy.

I swear, the day playstation and nintendo consoles no longer have exclusives will be the day i will become a pc only gamer.

Yohshida2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I remember the last 3 years. Everything was about power and resolution. All of a sudden that changed #Scorpio

Overload2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

"I remember the last 3 years. Everything was about power and resolution."

A lot of that part of the argument involved the PS4 being cheaper than the Xbox One.

Scorpio will not be cheaper than the PS4 or (most likely) PS4 Pro. Not to mention the exclusive software PlayStation has built up since launch is very lopsided compared to the Xbox, that is going to make a huge difference.

Aenea2753d ago


"I remember the last 3 years. Everything was about power and resolution. All of a sudden that changed"

I remember the last 3 years that lower resolution and fps was not an issue and that most couldn't even notice it. All of a sudden that changed.....

Kingthrash3602753d ago

Power and resolution mattered because 3 years ago tge xbox costed more than the ps4. That's what it was all about. "Not ooohhhh the games is better on the ps4 because of resolution " it was "ohhh the ps4 costs a full 100 bucks less than the xbox yet the xbox is weaker and it's games run at a lower resolution. "
Ps4p vs scorpio ...the scorpio will cost more so it dam well better be more powerful.

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bluefox7552752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

@Overload They seem to have largely given up on exclusives, or at least dialed back the focus greatly. Honestly, I'm not sure what they're thinking. Halo basically cemented their position in the console market.

@timotim Xbox 360 didn't succeed because it was the best at running third party titles, it succeeded because Sony monumentally flubbed the launch and early years of PS3 (which was so bad in fact that people actually stuck with MS through the RROR debacle). It was considerably more expensive, came out a year later, was notoriously hard to develop for early on, Xbox 360 simply offered a much better value proposition (at least in the early years of the generation). Of course that disparity disappeared after a few years and Sony quickly caught up and eventually surpassed the 360. This didn't happen because ps3 "suddenly got better at multiplats", it happened because they got their $h!t together at Sony and started dropping the price, and cranking out awesome first party titles. It's always been about the games, and contrary to what fanboys would have you believe, it's never been about pushing polygons. The small percentage of people who want the "best possible experience" have always had a home on PC.

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_-EDMIX-_2753d ago

I'm not sure if they could create a series that's as successful as Halo or gears but my biggest issue is that they're not even trying.

Microsoft has yet to actually support any new intellectual property with the same vigor as they have with Halo or gears.

The sad part is that isn't even to say they don't have teams that want to create new ideas I think people need to understand that Destiny was created by Bungie a team that used to be owned by Microsoft I have no doubt in my mind that if Microsoft was open to and investing in new intellectual properties but she likely would have still been working with them and Destiny would have been Microsoft next huge franchise.

So I honestly do not believe it is that they can't, it's simply that they won't.

Consider last generation Uncharted was pretty huge and within that same generation The Last of Us also released selling huge millions and getting lots of awards.

I understand that success many times is a hit or miss but you actually have to be releasing new intellectual properties to even be in the conversation how could Microsoft make a hit as big as Halo or gears when they're actually not even trying to develop such a thing? Whatever happened to that intellectual property the Coalition was working on back when they were called Black Tusk?

That alone tells you this company's interest in creating new intellectual properties.

I remember when it was even proposed that Microsoft was only making a new intellectual property to replace Gears of War based on the fear that epic games was going to make Gears of War multi-platform the Next Generation.

So I always find it kind of funny that that game completely disappeared off of the face of the planet when Microsoft purchased the Gears of War IP and basically their new team begin working on a new Gears of War Game , despite actually showing us something completely different before they even purchased the Gears of War intellectual property...

Yohshida2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

IF we do a VS or something, Halo and Minecraft are both by far bigger franchises than every IP Sony has. You cant just say "oh yeah lets do something like halo with our new game".... Halo isnt just a game, its Books, Comics, Merch, Toys, Movies, TV, its the Star Wars of Gaming. Remember when Killzone was created to kill Halo? Yeah, that happened.
I think you just mean that MS should open up more Studios and create new IP's. I 100% agree with you. But it looks like they do more 2. Party stuff and if its a success, it will be a franchise. I totally believe that ReCore will be a new franchise in the XBOX portfolie, why? Because its a great game with an awesome foundation that got made with a low budget and got room to expand. Phil loved the game and alot of my friends did aswell.

Another one is Ori and State of Decay. Alot of Microsofts games are services that get addons for a very long time. Look at Killer Instinct, which got brought back from the dead but wont count into new IP. We get a second Halo Wars, which fans were begging for.

Why should MS put the same Money as Halo gets into say a Quantum Break? The game sold poorly and didnt even make the money back. Its not the type of game phil wants to make.

They dont just come out and create SP games, they make sure every game they have, is something fans can play for a long time. With huge MP behind them.

WeAreLegion2753d ago


Killzone wasn't created to kill Halo.

Uncharted is bigger than Halo now, based on sales. So is The Last of Us.

BTW...Both franchises have excellent multi-player and are supported well.

The Star Wars of gaming is probably Grand Theft Auto. Halo is dying out. So is Gears. Because they aren't trying new things. They need to be creative with the franchises.

Automatic792753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )


"So I honestly do not believe it is that they can't, it's simply that they won't."

The problem is not that they won't try new IP's, is that gamers like you who have no interest in Xbox One keep going around on every Xbox thread stating they don't or won't, when in fact they have New IP's.

I hate doing these list but at the same time its needed to show people like you that Xbox does have New IP's.

Power Star Golf
Halo Spartan Assault - New IP in Haloverse
Max and Cursed Brotherhood
Crimson Dragon
Sunset Overdrive
Elite Dangerous
Project Spark
Ori and Blind Forest
Flame in the Flood
Turing Test
Quantum Break
World of Van helsing Deathtrap
Sea of Thieves

Xbox has new IP's all the time, all you have to do is give them a try. We will probably get more new announcements this year.

Yohshida2753d ago


Based on sales of the recent game? We don't know those, but H5 did REALLY good, just like Uncharted. Uncharted 4 probably sold more copies, since it was included in almost every bundle this holiday. Overall sales? Nice joke.

Like I said, the FRANCHISE is way bigger. That is where Uncharted isn't even close to Halo.

Aloy-Boyfriend2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Actually @Videogamelab, Sony does have a franchise bigger than any MS has... It is called Gran Turismo. Halo has been a milestone for MS, but in numbers it is still far behind GT

Why o why2753d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

@MichaelLito79...I see indies are cool again judging by that list....also i think the xbox demographic doesn't support certain types of games in the same numbers they would on other platforms which discourages microsoft from taking risks. Microsoft also canned a bag of studios this gen so their potential to increase output or create new ips lessens. I don't know how you can create more whilst lessening the number of creators .

In regards to the gears halo forza trifector.... its a solid foundation to work off but ms, with thier financial potential, are punching below thier weight. The same gaps in releases last gen are happening again this gen. The holiday focus is almost becoming the rule not the exception leaving the rest of the year a little light. I think people, even xbox fans may just want something more or a little different on top of the 3. The gesturing earlier on in the gen suggested new ips were going to be a focal point and to be fair, they've tried but can they do more.

Happy New Year to my fellow n4g members.. I know I'm days late but still. ..Happy gaming

Edit @ G Red

C'mon red, everyone has opinions on the opposing brands. Yall scream about how your network is the best in gaming and psn is subpar or we have too many teenage schoolgirl games and what not but it's an issue to state the obvious about ms's holiday focus or the blatant lack of that taboo word 'variety'. I didn't even bring it up lol. . . If you look around, many xbox fans are saying the same thing. . .be irked with them or tell them what they desire is a nonsense

The culling of unproductive studios is sometimes a necessity, granted but sometimes you have to look at the management of said studio's too. You cannot lay all the blame on the studios. There's been an ongoing myth/rumour that Microsoft has mismanaged some studios over the gens. This isn't exclusive to Microsoft though as Sony has also done the same but it seems more prevalent on ms's side. I say that because at one point, Ms had a comparable amount of studios to Sony yet their output was nothing like Sonys in either quantity or quality. Why do you think that is. .

gangsta_red2753d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

@why o why

Indies were always accepted, its just they were never rammed down our throats as the end all be all coolest thing ever like this gen sony's PR campaign told us they were.

MS released games throughout the year and yes compared to Sony not as many. There has been a good number of differnt titles from Killer Instinct, Sunset Overdrive, Recore and QB that have all offered a little more than just the standard three that keep being repeated over and over again as the only games MS makes or offers.

Do Xbox gamers want more games? Sure, who doesnt want their system to have more games. But exactly how many games would you want them to have to finally get you interested and off MS's back? Because it seems only the more sony focused fans of this site are concerned about MS's variety of games and their release schedule.

MS canned a lot of studios and more than most of them were producing zilch games. So can you really blame them for cutting the fat?

Happy new year Why o Why!!

Edit: Why O

"Yall scream about how your network..."

But what exactly does that have to do with you saying "indies are now cool"? And why is the holiday focus such an issue? It only seems to bother sony fans that MS releases most of their games during the holidays which I find strange, why would you even care?

It's not like most of you are on the edge of your seat waiting to buy and enjoy these games. It's not like even half of you even own an Xbox and yet you guys are more concerned about Xbox's release schedule than the actual Xbox fans.

"You cannot lay all the blame on the studios."

And I never did, there have been some mismanagement but lets not act or pretend that it's more prevalent on MS's side as you state. Again it's easy to put the magnifying glass on MS, study and criticize them more while you let Sony and Nintendo slide through the security doors unchecked even when the buzzer is going off.

"Why do you think that is."

Sony had the luxury of being in the business longer, establishing more relationships, building a library over the years and more importantly also left uncontested for almost two decades. You think maybe that had something to do with it?

lastking952753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Uncharted bigger than halo?!?! Pass me that blunt you smoking lol.

You're wasting your time with list. They know xbox has new ip it's the big 3 are so big and those 3, ps has no equal in those genre for todays age so the excuse is it's all xbox has. Had fables quality not fallen off it would be included. Last gen when forza hadnt reached greatness and gt was at it's peak it was halo, gwars and fable as all xbox has lol. Forza wasnt included cause GT was as good or better. Forza got better while gt fell off so this gen forza is added, fable fell off and was excluded. If sony doesnt have an = or its simply meh.....it's all xbox have to them lol.

However in a certain sense it's true! As a gamer if you had to choose betwewn two consoles and which games appeal to you if those 3 were the only 3 then ya it's all they have to you. But we all know that's BS lol. There's only 2 exclusives between the big 3 that will sell me a system. Smash bros, Halo i can live without the rest lol. Id miss many but I'd be okay. No halo? 😵 I cant live any longer. Smash bros? I be itching like a crack fiend lol. Theyre one of a kind with so much content and map/game creator that can turn it into a completely different genre. Outside of gta i dont think any other games comes close overall. #My2Cents #Unbiased gamer #Ps1,ps2,ps3,360,Gamecube,Wii, Owner (was a pc gamer once too lol)

_-EDMIX-_2753d ago

@Mich-That's nice.

How many of those games are actually owned by Microsoft? How many of those games are actually made by Microsoft owned Studios?

My point is not simply that new games to not go on the Xbox every generation , my point is simply that Microsoft themselves has not used any of their main teams to consistently create new series with the same amount of investment as they pulled into Gears of War and Halo.

You did not know of horizon zero Dawn the previous-generation Guerrilla games did Killzone, in fact last generation sucker-punch did Infamous a series that they did not make the previous generation and they are currently working on a brand new intellectual property, Naughty Dog worked on Uncharted previously a series you did not know well before the previous generation as well as creating another brand new intellectual property with The Last of Us. Sony Bend worked on the siphon filter series while working on MLB The Show in their making Days Gone a game that you clearly did not hear about until this generation.

Can you name me three teams within Microsoft that in the last three generations created three different intellectual properties?

Those are all Sony owned teams that all created something different either this generation or last generation or even the previous generation that was something different I'm pretty positive you cannot even name three teams within Microsoft that have done that within the last three generations.

Uncharted 4 just sold 8.7 million units The Last of Us I believe combined sold around seven or eight million units those are two intellectual properties before the last generation you actually never heard of.

The same developers that made Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper and Jak and Daxter are not working on those intellectual properties anymore they're all working on brand new intellectual properties I'm sorry but you could not say the same thing about the majority of Microsoft Studios.

So I'm not going to sit here and make a list like
no man's sky or
firewatch or
Persona 5 or
Yakuza 0 or anything like that

The majority of the games you listed are either not owned by Microsoft or the team is not owned by Microsoft for the most part the majority of that list is one or the other.

Microsoft's own internal teams generally do not create new intellectual properties with the exception of rare Studios.

You could look that up too, it isn't an accident that PS4 is out selling these guys.

You can keep trying to pretend that Microsoft supports the Xbox to the same degree but your list only goes to show to a greater example of exactly the type of support they give their platform all you have to do is look at who owns the intellectual property to those games and look who developed those games.

How many games did Microsoft internally actually developed by a team that they own and they support with the same price tag as Halo or gears?

Yet The Last of Us last generation moved Millions yet Uncharted moved Millions yet Horizon zero Dawn is releasing next month...

Bungie left Microsoft to make Destiny for reason and something tells me Microsoft has cold feet to support any property with such funding that is not Halo or gears.

As to why you're having an extremely tough time actually answering what property has ever received that much attention and funding by Microsoft.

2753d ago
Te34srsdf2753d ago

Uncharted 8.7 million includes slim bundles, that means the sales for UC4 before hand were extremely underwhelming and probably well below what Halo 5 sold, Halo 5 was confirmed to sell 5 million yet Uncharted 4 couldn't do near that on double the install base before it got shoe horned in with the slim and the price was cut to 250

thats actually embarrassing. BTW The Last of Us had 3 versions, the original, the GOTY edition on PS3 and TLOU Remastered smh

GTgamer2752d ago

MS does have New Ip Guys it's just that their player base doesn't seem to buy them :/.