First True 3D Processor Created, Runs at 1.4 GHz

The University of Rochester with help from MIT pulls the wraps off the first true 3D processor. While quantum computers and fiber optic computers are certainly ideal candidates for a silicon PC replacement, they remain in the distant future. In the meantime, one key unexploited domain, which may give silicon a stay of retirement, is 3D chip technologies.

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lipper3781d ago

better gaming graphics ?

Sevenfeetunder3781d ago

I don't think so. From what I understand, it simply makes more efficient use of space.

yog-sothot3781d ago

the article says that it will allow the Moore's law to go on for several years (because we reaches the physical limits of 2D-chips). So we should not expect a huge step forward but graphics will likely continue to get better and better as the power of the hardware increases.

I wonder if such a new design will require completely new ways of programming

jerethdagryphon3781d ago

i tihnk they should havce gone with the asyncronous designs they were working on

3d chip means more space more coolin and better arangment

clearelite3781d ago

Everyone knows teh cell is the first 3D processor ever created, or conceived of. Teh cell 4 president 09

moja3781d ago

Really, you're sticking by this? You may want to contact dailytech then.