How PS3 Can Fight the Cheaper Xbox 360 and Wii

HDR offers up some product suggestions that will help make PS3 stand out against its price-conscious competitors.

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4cough3685d ago

Factiod for you......IT CANT.

spelle cheque3685d ago

I was under the impression the PS3 has been outselling the cheaper 360 for a while now.

cahill3685d ago

The price cut wont save x360

ps3 will still outsell it by that margin in WW sales

juuken3685d ago

...Well, it's been slaughtering the um...instant fail. :)

aiphanes3685d ago

Bundle #1: 160GB PS3 w/Bat Logo, DualShock 3, Dark Knight Movie Blu-ray, Batman Begins Blu-ray, LEGO Batman Game

$499 is still a little pricey but it would be a good bundle...they should do these bundles with the 80 GB PS3.

Franklinstein3685d ago

$499 is just too expensive. If Sony wants to compete they atleast need a $299 sku. Otherwise it will be all about the Xbox 360 and Wii in the U.S. this Christmas.

El_Colombiano3685d ago

Hahaha did you just say $499 is too expensive for what the PS3 is offering? Would you suggest Sony give them out for free?

MAR-TYR-DOM3685d ago

Xbox Pro console - 299
+ $129 for wireless adapter
+ $65 for Online
+ $15 for charging kit for controllers ( or equivalent for batteries)
= $500+
With the playstation, you also get a blue ray player

Franklinstein3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

lol That is the straw graspingest, lamest acts of fanboyism that I have ever seen in my whole life. It costs $199+tax to play 360 games, it costs $399+tax to play ps3 games. I don't use wireless, is Sony going to mail me a check for $100, and I don't have an hdtv, are they going to mail me $200 for the blu-ray player that I don't need?

GiantEnemyCrab3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )


If I want to come home and play Gears of War 2 this holiday all I need is the $199 system. You don't need a Wireless or XBL or a charge cable (system comes with a free set of batteries).

PS: I don't know where you are from but in the US XBL is not $65.

n4gzz3685d ago

499 is not expensive for what you get but casual gamers are 70% more than hardcore and 499 is expensive. You can buy 360 on 199 and play pretty much same game where you pay 499 for ps3 to play. I know some ps3 exclusives are very attractive coming this x-mas but more than 70% gamers don't even buy 10 games for entire generation of console. And I am sure there are more than 10 very good titles are available on 360.

I know sony's hardware is unmatched but its 499 compare to 199. even 399 compare to 199 is too much. If sony didn't have blu-ray and all extra accessories that comes with it, then they could drop it to 199 easily too. Yes some gamers are getting benefit out of all these but not everyone does. There is no way you can appeal to mass market with such a price tag when your direct competitor has option starts with 199.

nieto3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

"Franklinstein: $499 is just too expensive. If Sony wants to compete they at least need a $299 sku. Otherwise it will be all about the Xbox 360 and Wii in the U.S. this Christmas."

i agree with your opinion.

at last i read something with logic and it has 5 disagrees and 0 agrees... wow. people should take this a little bit more seriously at least here on the gamer zone. this site it's all or nothing, it's practically impossible to be unbiased without getting like a thousand disagree if you say anything against their console of choice.

an X360 at $200 it's a serious threat to sony. people that just want a console to play games are going to buy an X360 just because of the price. heck at that price i am considering in getting one but i already have a PS3 that it is almost the same as an X360. they got the same multi-plat and sony has the exclusives that i want anyway.

Cajun Chicken3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

No it isn't.
He's right, the PS3 out of the box is ready for anything. It is indeed worth every penny, I haven't bought anything but games for the PS3 since a year ago, haven't needed to buy any peripherals or subscriptions because everything's packed in there, including a free online service which is more than capable of its purpose.

My 360? Wireless adapter £60, Play and Charge Kit for controllers to stop conking out £20, that's £80 for something the PS3 already shoves in for free. Without mentioning Blu-Ray drive, easy hard drive upgrades and PSN.

Everything the PS3 and Sony offer is there as soon as you plug in the console and attach to the internet with no hidden costs or sneaky extra fees. No catches.

EDIT: Oh, you disagree? Want to see my receipts?

Aclay3685d ago

@ Franklienstein

If you think $499 is too expensive for the PS3 go back and look at June's NPD numbers. The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 that month 2:1 with Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles selling at $499 and with the help of a big game like MGS4 and the Xbox 360's lowest price point was $279 back then.

It's obvious that if the PS3 is bundled with highly anticipated game or if a highly anticipated exclusive game hits the PS3, it will sell very well regardless of price of the $499 price.

nieto3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

"MAR-TYR-DOM: PS3 is already cheaper than the xbox
Xbox Pro console - 299
+ $129 for wireless adapter
+ $65 for Online
+ $15 for charging kit for controllers ( or equivalent for batteries)
= $500+
With the playstation, you also get a blue ray player."

i just buy an arcade for $200 with a couple of games and that's it. what more do i need? it already comes with components and all i need to simply play games for less than half of those $500.

Franklinstein3685d ago

I'm not paying $399 for a ps3, it's not worth it to me. I don't have an hdtv or wireless internet, and I would be stupid to give that much for one. I might get one when it gets to $199-$149, or when I think the ps3 has enough good games to warrant throwing away money on hardware that I neither want or need.

orakga3685d ago

[warning] Shameless self-promo here [/warning]


I didn't want to submit this to N4G, but it's basically what I wrote about the PS3's pricepoint about a week ago. Some of you have prolly read this already, and I apologize if you did. I just think it's a relevant point.

The jist:

The "PS3 'CORE' Package"
Price: $299
Included in Package:

- Standard AV cable (these people don't even own an HD TV anyway!)
- 20 GB hard drive (let them complain about the HDD size after they buy the system; and release a Sony-branded 120GB for $60; people can already add 250GB drives for $100 if they do it themselves)
- One (1) Sixaxis controller (make them pay for their own Dualshock 3s)

Rageanitus3685d ago

Correction in order for xbox to compete it needs a console at 299 price range.

Bare in mind sony still has ps2..... serves them well for the casual and cheapo market......

Think outside of the box.

uie4rhig3685d ago

if it doesn't sell, they'll most likely jack the price down to $299/£149/€299

Sony'll be losing more but if they don't lose even more than that!!

VF34EJ253685d ago

Notice how only people who have PS3s (or both consoles) actually understand the value of a PS3.

Cajun Chicken3685d ago

I see what you mean there. Its the fact that Sony isn't doing any real advertising or promotion this generation or telling people what the system does in features and stands in longterm value.

People just think that the PS3 is an overpriced 360; I can certainly tell you it isn't.
What you get with the PS3 is the whole PS3 experience out of the box, as I said above you don't just buy a machine, you buy a whole service and entertainment unit for the next supposedly 10 years, no worries about the future or cost, because that's done, its just games and Blu-Rays if you desire from that point.
All the cash going on the PS3 has been done in one lump sum. That's it, welcome to the PS3 experience. Don't look back, the money spendature is over. Sony ain't getting any more cash out of you for any experience except for games or DLC that you want.

Maybe Sony should release a SKU without the WLAN built in so people can just use it as a home console without all that extra cost, but that's not the point really is it?
They can't cut out the Blu-Ray either because that's the format the games are on. So that would be stupid.
Sony is encouraging people to interact for free. So if the WLAN wasn't in, nor would PSN and you really wouldn't be getting a PS3 as to say, would you?

Just advertise in user friendly family gurning adverts like Nintendo. Simple as.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213685d ago

the core pack does come with a dualshock 3. sony doesnt even make sixaxis anymore

VF34EJ253685d ago

Well said Cajun Chicken

The only thing you have to buy after buying a PS3 is Games (or some new controllers, but that's for any home console)

Liquid_Ocelot3685d ago

Nope, Sony's gonna Mail u a LIFE... HATER

On Topic: 160GB bundle has my attention (non PS3 owner)

UnSelf3685d ago


anybody remember that lol?

thewhoopimen3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Well... therein lies the difference. If I didn't have a 46" HDTV and a 5.1 surround system... I'd would get the 360 like you. The ps3 features would seem extraneous. But since I do have a AV setup and I welcome less wires (the whole reason I use HDMI vs. component... and am smacking myself for not waiting for Wireless HDMI) and I want HD content, the PS3 makes absolute sense. From that perspective the 360 is just strictly a toy/gamesystem.

A RELIABLE Gamesystem
A Bluray player
A DVR system
A Media Center
True HD Audio Output/Adlib receiver

Xbox 360
A gamesystem

Ju3685d ago

Yeah, but the price will be a huge problem this Christmas season. I want my PS3 back, so much that I need to buy my kids something. Now, well, there's something they might like. 2x$199 makes 400 and both of my boys would be satisfied. I won't even buy Live (if they want to do online, play the PS3), and they won't need a HD. So, this will be an argument. Seriously. I would really prefer to get them another PS3, and we can all do online, even in the house. But a little bit support price wise would sure be appreciated.

Itrguy0013685d ago

Dude you sir are stupid. The Batman bundle is completely worth the $499 Tag Price. for A 160 GB Drive, Batman Blu-Ray movie, DualShock 3, batman logo, Batman Begins Blu-Ray movie, and the Lego Batman Game. that total is So DAMN FCKING WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!! you dont need a HDTV to enjoy a Blu-ra movie, You DON'T I REPEAT DON'T need to buy another blu-ray movie player because the ps3 is already a Blu-Ray player. And i still enjoy my movies on my ps3 even though i don't have a HDTV.

JustinSaneV23678d ago

@1.3 (martyrdom)

Where the hell did you get those prices from?

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chasegamez3685d ago

so what Cheaper is not alway better
look at the wii
plus all the game i want 2 play is on the ps3
the only game i want 2 play on the 360 is gears 2
but after that there nothing else i care about on the 360

Franklinstein3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Atleast you have one. I still don't think the PS3 has enough good games for me to come off with $399.

"so what Cheaper is not alway better"
Please tell me that you aren't one of those people who defend PSN over Live because it's free.

El_Colombiano3685d ago

PSN is better than Live.

Servers. I would pay for servers, but Sony gives me them for free, while Live charges me to host my own games.

GiantEnemyCrab3685d ago

@2.2: PSN is not all dedicated servers just like XBL is not all P2P.

They use a combination of both.

I disagree however and prefer XBL over what I've seen and used of PSN. Just in content alone XBL is so much more.

StephanieBBB3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I agree, but keep in mind that the 360 has been out a year more than the ps3. This is vital time that both the ps3 and PSN needs to get up to speed with what consumers are expecting nowdays from online gaming and social networking.


And by 2009 I hope that both Sony and Microsoft has beaten each other so much that we can have it all for free. *yoink*

VF34EJ253685d ago

Ah yes the age old arguement of Live vs PSN again. The Dead horse is beatened up so tender he's ready to cook.

PSN free.
Live, subscription.

You like PSN? Keep it. It's free.

You like Live? Then pay for it if you want it.

Some people like a hot sexy chick with boobs and a nice rear, but have to pay to play for both and really don't mind paying.
Others like the rear of the chick and can do without the boobs and take it for free.

Choice. Opinion. Options. Preference.

Welcome to 2008 folks.

Cajun Chicken3685d ago

PSN is better for me because it does what I want and nothing more, plays most the games also on 360 perfectly, is free and keeps on improving in time, shockingly; despite being free.

As I've said, I've already paid my lifes subscription of PSN buying the PS3 alone and at that, I got it cheap compared to XBL because of all the other cool tricks the PS3 hides within.

Chitown712913685d ago

Hard Drive
Battery Chargers

OK lets say you buy the $200 SKU. Ok 200 bucks, then add a "20GB" Hard Drive for 100 DOLLARS!!!!!! Because you are going to want to save your games right? Then buy the controller charger for 30-40 bucks, because you want to have a controller that works right? Then add in XBOX Live for 50 bucks a year, because after you finish the story, you want to show everybody your skills, right? Ok so.......200+100+30+50= $380. 20 dollars less than a PS3 with an extra 60 gigs in hard drive space, and Blu-Ray. Yea you don't need wi-fi and Blu-Ray, but for an extra 20 bucks.............what the hell, I'll get the PS3. Think about that, you [email protected]#k suckers.

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iHEARTboobs3685d ago

Both the LBP and Batman bundles would sell really well during xmas. I would be surprised if Sony didn't have a bundle during the holidays that didn't include LBP.

StephanieBBB3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

I bet that Sony is thinking that thier holiday line up coupled with Home will sell thier system regardless of retail prices. I don't see that happening but there is a slight chance that LPB will blow both the wii and the 360 out of the water this holiday, but that chance is not to depend on imo.

LikAChicken3685d ago

i think that chance depends on how well Sony advert LBP. I'm telling you if they don't come at casual people correctly with their advertising, its not going to sell as well as it should. One thing I have to say is that in the U.S Microsoft knows how to advert their best selling games.

orakga3685d ago

Yeah I totally agree... they seem convinced that people will pay up even though their competition offers nearly the same quality lineup at nearly half the (perceived) price.

LikAChicken3685d ago

What I'm thinking. I really, REALLY like the PS3, but I am not a potential buyer right now. I already have it. I hope Sony competitively price though. Competition is always good for consumer.

~I am a gamer...who likes competition~

StephanieBBB3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

"nearly half the (perceived) price."

Nice! finally someone that knows not to only see in black and white =)


Very true, competition gives us better games and better prices as customers. If Microsoft or Sony owned it all we would get like 2 games a year and thats on a "good" year.

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