ELSPA Weekly Chart - Xbox 360

Can Gears of War hold onto top spot or will Lost Planet be the new number one?

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Rooted_Dust5434d ago

Lost Planet isn't reviewing too well. My bet is on Gears retaining it's positon as number 1.

calderra5434d ago

Eh, Lost Planet can have its day in the sun, but only a day. GOW still stomps.

And Lost Planet is good fun... but it might be a bit too oldskool. Patterned boss battles, nearly absent storyline, disjointed missions and all. Don't get me wrong- it's a blast to play and I really love the concept. But the game just doesn't have any features that make it a knock-down drag-out killer title.

With a more compelling storyline, this game could have been an instant classic. Ah-well. I'll wait for a price drop before picking this one up.

power of Green 5434d ago

The LP reviews are dead wrong with this one People love the games and it has a fun factor not many games this generation has offerd. I don't even play GoW, LP has much more depth it never gets old.

power of Green 5434d ago

LP is a much better Online game than GoW. Theres so much to it. lol

shotty5434d ago

I totally agree, LP has more variety then the standard Team Deathmatch of Gears.

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The story is too old to be commented.