Podtoid 68: Nobody's played Killer Instinct

Destructoid's Reverend Anthony writes:

"Back to the regular format for this week's Podtoid. Aaron, Jim, Topher and myself talked about news stories from the past week, in between pedophile jokes and anti-corporate stuff I had to edit out of the final version. You can, as always, listen to the new episode here.

Highlights included:

- Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, and pikeys

- Regarding hype: YOU are to blame. And me. And Will Wright.

- How much are we willing to accept unrealistic "game-isms" like health pickups and ammo drops?

- The Podtoid crew's Holy Unicorn Grail games

- DRM: it's not about stopping piracy, no matter who says otherwise

- The city of London disproves all ten of Brilliam's gamer commandments

The best question came from about a hundred people, but greeneggsnsam asked it first and worked in some cute play-on words. Divulge some sort of contact info and we'll get in touch with you about sending you some cool swag."

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