Are You Getting Sick of the Telltale Games?

It's like the same game over and over again. Can gamers get something new?

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derkasan2700d ago

I felt like Telltale played it a little safe with the first two episodes of A New Frontier. It follows a very similar structure to the other titles, and it felt like the choices didn't matter that much.

I did like The Wolf Among Us though - I felt the story really carried that one.

ifistbrowni2699d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

Honestly the only game I haven't liked from TellTale has been Game of Thrones.

It could be because I only end up paying like $5 per game. They're infamous for putting their games on sale before all the episodes even release.

I haven't played Walking Dead 3 or Michonne yet. Just finished Batman two days ago and found it enjoyable, but the glitches are so frustrating. The games aren't demanding. There is no reason my ps4 pro should drop frames or, worse yet, have the game crash.

I'll continue buying their games at bargain price. I bought Walking Dead Season 1 and had to wait like a year for all the episodes, meanwhile the game was consistently on sale. From that purchase forward I vowed... Day 1, never again.

Jon_Targaryen2699d ago

Agreed. Batman has crashed numberoous times on me. And I am only at chapter 2. Their games arent optimised great at all.

Takwin2699d ago

Since I only buy them once they are all out, so I can play them in one day, they can all be had for $15 max. I still wait a bit further until they are less than $10, then I'll get them, sometimes reluctantly.

agent45322699d ago

I am still waiting for season 2 of "The Wolf Among Us". By far the best story of all Telltale games in my opinion.

-Foxtrot2699d ago

They have the same structure in every game and no one seems to bat an eyelid, especially in reviews

They use big franchises to draw in existing fanbases because they know if they doing something original, from the ground up, they'll be called out on their on going flaws.

They don't even push the genre forward. Least with games like Until Dawn and Heavy Rain they bent the rules on the genre a little.

Takwin2699d ago

Until Dawn and Life is Strange dominate this sub-genre with quality and replayability. I adored both of those games. Heavy Rain was good and unique, but had more flaws.

Mikerob20072700d ago

they make too many games at one time so you end up waiting forever for the rest to release. But i personally think the walking dead season 3 is way better than the first two seasons. But wolf among us is the best telltale game. Not in the slight bit interested in the upcoming guardians of the galaxy.

SaveFerris2700d ago

So long as these games continue to sell and Telltale is happy to make them then we will likely see more. It is up to the the developer if they decide to try something different.

bluefox7552699d ago

Nah. My problem with Telltale isn't the format, it's the inconsistency in quality. For every great Walking Dead and Tales From the Borderlands, there's a mediocre Game of Thrones and Minecraft Story Mode.

TXIDarkAvenger2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Honestly, I only buy them when all the episodes are released and I see review scores. So I don't really feel sick of their games yet.

I do wish choices mattered more though.