Joystiq: Spore census results: Editors, Creatures and Space loved, Tribal loathed

Last week Joystiq asked you, dear reader, to tell them what precisely you liked did not like about Will Wright's "SimEverything" Spore (now also known as a beacon of DRM debate). The results are in, and overwhelmingly Space and Creature phases were voted as favorites, while conversely, the Tribal phase was voted least favorite.

They also took the average score, from 1 to 5, as voted on each individual phase and the editors, and the editors were by and large ranked highest (4.37 out of 5), with Creature phase and Cell phase following behind it (3.72 and 3.51, respectively). The Civilization phase had 3.08, while the Tribal phase earned low marks at 2.26 out of 5.

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SlyGuy3781d ago

the first phase you go through...

what was it called again...

oh yeah...the DRM phase!