Poll: Retailers Choose Xbox 360 As Console To Buy

Mike Fahey from Kotaku made 100 telephone calls to three retail chains - Game Crazy, Play N Trade, and retail juggernaut GameStop and asked the following question: "What video game system should I buy for a 15 year-old boy?" The results may or may not shock you.

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Anton Chigurh3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

you mean the nice looking gadget that can beat any other console in terms of graphics and performance ????

well, I shouldn't be surprised =)

StephanieBBB3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

bottom line is don't get the Wii. It's very limited to what it can do and it gives you probably the worst hardware, software and features for your money.

PS3 in the long run would be the cheapest and smartest choice but then again we don't live in 2009 yet do we?

360 is currently at it's peak so it will give the best gaming experience money can buy atm, but it will also cost the most in the long run. Scraping your 360 by 09 when the PS3 will shine and your warrenty has worn out will not make the buy any less painful either. But then again by 2009 I bet Pokemon has returned so which kid cares about video games then?

LikAChicken3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Even though I hear these retailers are for the most part not supposed to be biased (some are I guess), I can understand the logic. Because the 360 so far has the widest library of game (whether they are quality is up to the person however. but the ps3 has seen its share of flops), and based on statistics they do have higher attach rates, they would want to push these out. The more 360 systems they sell, the more potential buyers would come for more games. Plus with the price cut, more holiday buyers would probably opt for this. I have no doubt that the PS3 has a stronger holiday line-up and will move consoles, but I have a feeling that 360 will increase the gap even more between the two HD giants. Sony really do need to competitively price before Oct. rolls around.

~I am a gamer...who likes competition~

StephanieBBB3778d ago

Lol LikAChicken you made a perfectly valid none biased or negative statement and still you get disagrees.

I guess the only thing that one could say to get agrees and bubbles in a thread like this is: XBOX 360 RULES!!!!

dragunrising3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

It seems that if anyone comes out and says one console or another is better than another they get disagrees. If your in a primarily Xbox thread you are not welcome with words like "PS3 Rocks." Likewise if you go to a PS3 thread, the mere mention of Xbox 360 gets you lynched, as there are a greater number of Sony fanboys (at least on this site). Every system has its fans and fanboys. Its better to be a gamer, straight up.

LikAChicken3778d ago

Some people can agree to disagree simple as that. I don't know the sales forecast worldwide but since I live in ny, I can just give an opinion on u.s sales. I believe that the PS3 is worth the money, and is a very good long term investment. But come on, which one is easier to sell... A $200 dollar console with widest library of HD gaming or a $400 dollar console with long term potential. This article is insightful in a way, I do think 20+ audience would go for PS3 and parents/relatives or guardians buying for a teen probably a 360. (The Wii I hear is suffering shortages so I don't know) I know you can talk about hardware failure rate but are these game stores going to inform on that subject? No! They want to sell and clear inventory! That's probably why they MIGHT move more 360 here in the U.S. I am not that Pachter guy so I don't want to say which will ultimately win this holiday. All I know, some great triple AAA titles are coming next month and after. I will love it.

~I am a gamer...whose "bada ba da da" loving it:)~

chasuk083778d ago

I wouldnt say 360 is at its peak, iwould say its on its last legs, ready to be abandoned by the 720. Why do you think theres been all the price cuts ?

thewhoopimen3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Good point with your post. Personally I would take longterm and fore thought over instant gratification. That's how the some ppl become rich and others stay poor. But to each person their own. My take is when you have to start spending money for 2+ units for the same product... and u still can't be sure you're getting is going to last, then you're just wasting money. Doesn't matter how good the content is now if you can't play it a year down the line when newer stuff come out.

Dannagar3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Plus, there has yet to be a Christmas that MicroSoft hasn't packed in two free games with Xbox or Xbox 360... Well, I guess they didn't for the launch of Xbox 360. However, there's sure to be free games this Christmas.


It's inevitable that the price of hardware is going to come down with time. It's always the goal of a hardware manufactures to get to the magical price point (under $200) in order to hit a critical mass market. It's not a sign of liquidation or desperation. It's competition.

AAACE53778d ago

But you knowledge is misinformed! I have seen some of your previous post and noticed that you seem to be confused about alot of things, but I just figured someone would tell you sooner or later... I guess it's later!

From my understanding, the Xbox 3-year warranty is activated once you buy your console, unless they changed it!

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Parapraxis3778d ago

A very interesting article. He conducted his survey in a very smart way, I'd love to see the same questions asked with older/younger gamers in mind.

Xi3778d ago

The same if your older.
PS3 if your older and into movies/hd stuff.
wii for younger.

Overr8ed3778d ago

yea the older more experienced gamer would go for the PS3 since they know its more bang for its buck. Teens would look into the 360 since it is more commercial driven and the cheaper price is for the ones that aren't dependent on Parents and/or lazy to work for money) the Wii is more of a everyones party.
If the Ps3 can get its commercials to rival the 360 (i.e R2 commercials that rival Gears 2 commercials) and a 50$-100$ price drop then we more people might be more aware of the Ps3.

Resistance--------Ge3778d ago

Poll:Gamers Choose Playstation 3 As Console To Buy

-Maverick-3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

You mean Blu ray enthusiasts and morons who like to play a console with not even close as good a game selection...and inferiority and every possible way...everything on the PS3 is inferior and half-assed.(Or just delayed...and it sucks when its finally released Playstation Home, Trophies and in-game XMB FTW!!!)

Except it does have a pretty darn nice Blu ray player.

O wait, all PS3 games take mandantory 5GB installs to play because of Blu ray when they play striaght of the disc for the 360...unless you want to installs it on the Xbox 360, as an can also play as you burn in on your hard-drive on the 360 ....pretty spiffy eh?(like Bioshock which already won GOTY on Xbox 360 a year ago....the PS3 just getting another hand-me-down from this generations industry leading console)

Playstation is no longer the industry leader(thank god, go back to Japan with your crappy, delayed, half-assed material that MicrosOft runs circles around)...PS3 + PSP = Mega Last Place this generation

Stryfeno23778d ago

Maverick please be nice to that droid...He is just a misguided fool.

Expy3778d ago

Wonder what the answer would have been in Europe and Japan. :P

prunchess3778d ago

Except for Britain, who just agree with whatever the US says.

-_-3778d ago

[[Gamers choose Ps3,sorry Kotaku]]

Dannagar3778d ago

No, gamers play all systems. Only fanboys stick to one system or brand.