ZootFly Confirms Ghostbusters Game For Xbox360.

A Ghostbusters game for 360 is in development but is currently on hold due to licensing issues says developer ZootFly.

A statement from the team reads: "We are very glad to see the overwhelming response to the Ghostbusters prototype movies. What you've seen is indeed in-game footage of early prototypes on the Xbox 360, running on ZootFly's proprietary engine. Due to licensing issues, further development of the Ghostbusters game hit a bump on the road, but everybody here at ZootFly is working actively on resolving the challenges with the owners of the Ghostbusters IP."

The team has a second project running to keep them busy while lawyers sift through the paperwork. "Not to lose the momentum, a part of the ZootFly team is currently working on an original game called TimeO, which is closely related to Ghostbusters," continues the statement. "The game follows the adventures of two die-hard New Yorkers. They get trapped deep in the shadow world of a parallel New York. The city itself is a war machine threatening to wipe out our world and they have three days to stop it."

As soon as the Ghostbusters IP issue has been resolved, the whole team will go back to working on Ghostbusters.

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candystop5225d ago

You would think a game like this be on all platforms but I guess the 360 is the only console were the vision can be realized! Hopefully they get the legal mumbo-gumbo out of the way and deliver a four player co-op or even a single player GB game a.s.a.p! 360 owners should be happy that they are getting so much love this time around!

marionz5224d ago

cant wait to hear more about this game, im sure it will still go ahead on 360, shame sony has the rites to the movie tho, i loved ghostbusters when i was a kiddy and a next gen game is just too cool! plus the graphics look awesome!

Raist5225d ago

But that's not the case... But in fact if you carefully check their website, they say they develop only for xbox (first and 360) and PC.

Never heard about a game developped by them for the first xbox though !

Now i think getting the IP could be problematic if they only develop it for the 360 since the GB rights belong to Sony.

MicroGamer5225d ago

Sony is never going to allow one of their properties to be used for a 360 game and certainly not an exclusive. If they give consent, it will be with the condition that it either be PC only or cross developed for PS3 at the same time. No 360 version.

Raist5225d ago

Sony helped Codemasters to develop the Neon engine for the new Colin, and said they were still OK with a 360 version. But in this case, a 360 ONLY game, i think it's not gonna happen.

MicroGamer5225d ago

that allowing a game engine co-developed by Sony to be used on 360 doesn't show to the public as much as a game using characters owned by Sony on another system does. I think Sony would be perceived as caving to the numerical superiority of the 360 to bolster it's profits if they did that, which many would think would be the same as Sony admitting they lost the console war this time around.

Raist5225d ago

That's very different. I was just talking about this example because you said "allow one of their properties to be used for a 360 game"

They somewhat co developped Colin after all, so they could have refuse a 360 port.

But yeah, this GB story is a whole different story. Even if it would earn them money, i doubt they'd allow a 360 version only.

marionz5224d ago

sony may be willing to sell the rights, ya know to cover some debt, just like whitney houston selling her dresses

JasonPC360PS3Wii5224d ago

MicroGamer They have Sony music on Xbox Live. Dont flame me I'm a 360 lover.

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FirstknighT5225d ago

Okay, a ghostbusters game should NOT look that good! Wow.

nice_cuppa5225d ago

come on people..#
it could be fun though.

another 360 exclusive baby.

Marriot VP5225d ago

another 360 exclusive

who you gonna call...DJ??

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