Blend Games Preview: De Blob

Blend Games writes: "Painting the town never took such a literal meaning until De Blob reared its head on the gaming scene. Based on a freeware student project, De Blob is a unique combination of unique game-types all fused into a hyperactive adventure game for the Nintendo Wii and DS.

What started as a university student-project is now a possible bargain-bin candidate. No, I'm just kidding (well, sort of). THQ is well-known for publishing fairly good games, and even if this is for the Wii, there's a chance that this could be moderately good. I still have grave reservations about this game, though. Nevertheless, players will be taking on the role of a pudgy, rolly blob, who will execute their adventures as a half-ball, half-paint brush and full-on style innovator."

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Smacktard3686d ago

Troll preview. Every other site has high expectations for this game, and their hands-on previews have only stated good things about the game, so why would this seemingly-uninformed preview rate the game as 1/5 on an "expectation-o-meter" ; or whatever it was. It's stupid, and trollicious.

Nugan3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Totally mediocre preview.

Absolutely no new information about the game. No depth to the analysis. I'm not even sure if the review is based on actual time spent playing the game. Honestly, it seems like the author saw a youtube video of gameplay and read another preview and based his opinions on that.

Worthless, really.

Edit: Oh, and the writing quality is poor too: lifeless, bad punctuation, and no organization.