Blend Games Preview: Call Of Duty: World At War

Blend Games writes: "ew locales, a grittier tone, and, of course, the debut of co-op gameplay could combine to make World at War a worthy successor to the stellar Call of Duty 4.

Infinity Ward's Call of Duty 4 was a huge success among critics and fans and it falls to Treyarch to one-up a game that is still on the top of the Xbox Live charts almost a year after its release. Call of Duty: World at War has been in development for two years now and Treyarch is looking to prove that it's just as worthy of carrying the Call of Duty torch as IW.

A groan arose among some fans when it was revealed that World at War would be set in World War II, after COD4 brought the series to modern times. However, while WAW will be set in World War II, it will be a different war than we remember from earlier installments of the series. Not just because half of the series will be set in the Pacific theater (though that's a first for the series). The real difference is that Treyarch is committed to showing a darker side of the war."

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