Geek Review: Sound BlasterX Katana – The Soundbar You Have Been Looking For

Creative’s latest UMAS (Under Monitor Audio System) has completely for folks at Geek Culture over, with its astonishing good looks, small form factor, and most importantly, unbeatable audio performance.

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TheSuperiorGamer654d ago

I need to get one of these...

Epicor654d ago

Soundbars? Really? Maybe this satisfies someone who has never owned a proper hifi setup. For $400 you would be much better off with decent headphones. Invest $200 more and get an entry level 2.0 hifi system. For $1000 you might be able to get a decent 5.1.

traumadisaster654d ago

Typically you're right. However, depending on the room maybe a soundbar might work. I have a 1200 receiver and expensive speakers but I just moved them into my new man cave which is really small and the sound seems to be reflecting off of the walls poorly, so I'm thinking of other solutions. Another thing is my HK receiver puts out so much heat along with pc I'm actually considering how I could go without a receiver. Maybe a sound card. At night I use headphones but occasionally I just need sports/news basic sound.