GameZone: Pure Review

GameZone writes: "The game begins with five objectives that have to be accomplished in order to advance to the main game. They begin innocuously enough with a lap of a course, then moves into preloading for jumps (pull down on the left thumbstick), nailing the jumps for big air (flick the thumbstick up), adding a trick (the hot keys) and then end with a timed run through the course in which you have to use the preloads, the jumps and the boost. From there you advance to the main menu which has several options – world tour, single event, trial mode, online play, garage and leaderboards".

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4cough3687d ago

FACTIOD for you....Pure is the definitive off road racer.

MarkyUK3687d ago

I actually feel sorry for you. I am pretty sure that you wouldn't even be interested in this game if it wasn't for the fact that it is competition for Motorstorm 2. Ah well, at least us PS3 owners can play both.....

remanutd553687d ago

i still dont get it, why people compare this game to motorstorm is beyond me, i've downloaded and played the pure demo and it was fun for like 15 minutes, all you do is tricks in the air!!!!!!wth!!!!!!am i missing something here????when i first heard people saying pure was better than motorstorm i thought to myself , oh the games has to be more BRUTAL and BAD ASS than motorstorm then i downloaded the demo expecting a BRUTAL off road racing game just to find out that there is no splitscreen, no vehicles, no BRUTALITY in the game at all, i do not think pure is a hardcore game on the other hand i've downloaded ms2 demo , splitscreen is a blast, monster trucks are BRUTAL, attack moves are BAD ASS lol and i expect the AI to be tougher than the first motorstorm , dont get me wrong pure is fun but its not in the same league as motorstorm