Xbox Live TV Shows and Movies Bring In Loads Of Revenue

Research and Markets study reveals Microsoft's use of its Xbox Live web-based service to deliver TV shows and movies directly to the TV set, bypassing the traditional route of cable system and telco video distribution, will bring in almost 100 million in 2007...

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hardwood20015236d ago

I know I've been posting news that were posted in forums, but I wanted to promote the site. I mean as awesome this site is, when it comes to gaming news, it does not a forum...

FirstknighT5236d ago

The Xbox Marketplace is gonna do to movies what the Ipod did for music!!! The 360 is taking over the world!!! Bye PS3...concentrate on your ps2!

calderra5235d ago

You do know PS3's going to push a similar service soon, right? Anyway, yes, downloads are a big part of the equation that make the next-gen DVD war stupid.

I personally finally got to watch THX-1138 thanks to Xbox Live, for a similar rental fee to what most local places would charge. I didn't have to leave home, I got to keep my rental for two weeks, and I could even wound up getting a game invite from a friend and playing GOW halfway through, and having the best GOW session I've ever had in my life- I even added a few of the people I played with as Friends.

Experiences like that are what "next-gen" should be about. And if Sony can eventually catch up to that, all the better.

Marriot VP5235d ago

calderra, if the PS3 is gonna make HD movie downloads that's a mistake. It's entirely against their whole blu-ray pitch.

And since they want it to dominate, letting people buy or rent HD movies online will only encourage them to not buy BR movies. So if they are, that's a very bad decision from them.

shikwan5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

you use your MS points to buy music. Since it plays videos as well-I'm guessing that MS will soon let Zune owners be able to d/l video thru XBL and sync it to Zune to take with you.

And perhaps they'll let XBL subscribers be able to d/l music tracks to the 360???

In other words, they need to merge the Zune Marketplace with XBL Marketplace. Everything is in-place for this. We just need an update to make it so!

CyberSentinel5235d ago

Imagine transfering data between the two...Movies/Videos/TV/Game Trailers/Music/Game Saves seamlesly.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Marriot VP5235d ago

This should increase other hollywood studios to offer movies so they can get a peice of this action.

Great to hear it's a success. I just want more HD-Movies.

no_more_heroes5235d ago

because Lionsgate had just signed up for it too, remember? More and more studios will sign up for it. Universal will probably be te next one to do so.

wolfgang5235d ago (Edited 5235d ago )

Finally, a way for fanboys to rent Little Mermaid for the third time without having to justify to the cashier why a grown man would rent that.

- Fanboys : Relax, play games, have humour-

BIadestarX5235d ago

isn't Disney Sony's b!**? If so they will not support something that would hurt blu-ray; at least until they have no choice.

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