Gamestop Xbox360 Release Date List has posted a Gamestop release date list of games that have now been dated.

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juggernaut6213d ago

looks lyke i will be playin battle field 2 for a while...

SuPeRsTaR lRl6213d ago

I work at GameStop and the one thing we always tell customers is that the dates are subject to change. One prime example was Gears of War. We had so many people getting ready to pay off their pre-orders and talking about how cool it was going to be playing it during 4th of July until......the date was pushed back several months. I guarantee that the list will change in about a week.

SuPeRsTaR lRl6213d ago

But then have been released earlier than documented.

shotty6213d ago

Thats alot of games coming near christmas but not much right now. I guess starting summer we'll see all the great titles.

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