BigDownload: The Witcher Enhanced Edition Review

Director's Cut, enhanced, extended or collector's editions... whatever you want to call them, video game collector's editions are always a toss-up. Publishers all too often see fit to charge upwards of $80 for special releases that come with a pewter figurine at pre-order and a poster crammed inside the box on launch day. Other companies such as Blizzard Entertainment stuff their oversized collector's boxes with soundtracks, maps, behind-the-scenes DVDs and signed manuals but still put the price tag at the halfway mark between Break Your Bank and Sell Your Soul.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition stands as a testament to a collector's edition done right. New in-game content, bonus DVDs and soundtracks, an affordable price tag and above all else, the time developer CD Projekt RED took to address legitimate complaints concerning the core game make this a must-buy package.

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