The Week In Japan: Shenmue Online

SPOnG's long serving Japanese correspondent, Martin Olsen, continues his Letter from Nippon with the latest updates from the islands.

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DarkSniper3687d ago

With the MMO status of PLAYSTATION®3, Sony's juggernaut machine is the most suitable platform for a classic such as Shenmue Online. Yu Suzuki has stated that the epic storyline of Shenmue will continue through this game. Therefore you can expect to see another million PLAYSTATION®3 consoles sold once this blockbuster title escapes it's current pending status.


4cough3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

FACTOID for you........Shenmue on PS3 would only make this series suck balls it needs to go to the console with the best online service and developer support in the world and that's the 360.

Shenmue is my favorite game series of all time, I would be gutted it went on the most over hyped and unachieving games console of all time (PS3).

Plus Yu Suzuki only talked about 360 not a d!ckybird about the over hyped ps3. 360 exclusive if you please Yu Suzuki.

pwnsause3686d ago

FACTOID For you.... Are required to have a HDD to play MMORPGs Dumbass, and Guess which console doesnt have one? yup, your matchbox 360, now go play with Gaylo, Too Flop, Queers of War, RROD Dragon, and Fable 2: poop edition dumbass.

TheColbertinator3686d ago

Unlike you guys,I don't care what system it comes to.Yu Suzuki is a genius that could make a masterpiece on any console.

The FACTOID is that I will play it anyway.


AAACE53686d ago

Useful information! I hope Shenmue makes a comeback, but it's good to get opinions from japanese gamers about how they truely feel about the 360!