The 5 Scariest Locations In The Final Fantasy Realm

The Final Fantasy world has some of the most creative, scariest, and weirdest locations

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1628d ago
Asuka1627d ago

The lack of Ultimecia's Castle is disappointing. That area with its atmosphere, branching paths and secrets along with secret bosses, and not to mention locking out nearly all of your abilities (even saving) makes it one of FF's most intimidating areas....imo of course =p

DarXter1627d ago

The lack of any actual content is more disappointing imo.

Vkviz1627d ago

Ultimecia's castle definitely seems like a glaring omission. I thought that waking up in the Shinra tower to find that Sephiroth had gone on a bloody murder spree was pretty damn creepy the first time I played that section as a kid.

TC7311627d ago

Ultimecia's castle and underwater in FF7.

I mean it's not like you can hit the "submerge" button and accidentally land on Emerald Weapon or anything. lol

jukins1627d ago

I'll always remember in ffxi when "sky" was the end game that was one of the most intense places to navigate a entire alliance through.