Grid And Dirt 3 Has Been Removed From Steam

Sad news to those wanting to pick up Codemasters Studio's Race Driver GRID and Dirt 3 after missing out on the recent Humble Bundle giveaway, the studio has delisted both games and F1 2013 from the Steam Storefront from as early as 31st December 2016.

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johndoe112112463d ago

The dangers of an all digital future. I will never get people who are rallying for that.

Vegamyster2463d ago

If you own the game you can still download and install it, you just can't buy it due to expired licensing.

lnfiniteLoop2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

only while it is still on the servers to download from... eventually it will be deleted from those as well...

Vegamyster2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )


If it's through Steam then that's not something i'd wouldn't worry about, they're not going to be shutting down their servers anytime soon.

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windblowsagain2463d ago

I want to be able to play those games when I die, But that will only be possible in disc format. I doubt i'll have wifi.


How The SAG-AFTRA Strikes Can Change Video Gaming Forever

The video game industry might end up shutting down indefinitely if negotiations with SAG-AFTRA fall through.

banger881d 20h ago

"The video game industry might end up shutting down indefinitely if negotiations with SAG-AFTRA fall through."

LMAO. Clickbait bullshit. Gaming isn't going anywhere.

erinlime1d 13h ago

"Indefinitely" just means we don't know how long the strike would last. Considering the studios they're targeting, this would severely impact both Sony and Microsoft's first- and third-party releases and push back a lot of games.

They're not wrong, they're just being inflammatory.

Anyway I support the union and hope the studios meet their demands for fair compensation and protections against AI voice sampling and facial capturing.

CobraKai23m ago

Same. I would not be cool giving away my voice and likeness to be replicated by AI, for a studio to use indefinitely, while i get paid for one day. Actors and Voice Actors need to be protected from this


Viveport Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Three Awesome Free Games

HTC Vive's Viveport celebrates its 7th anniversary with three awesome free games for new and existing subscribers.

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Valve Loses EU Appeal Over €1.6 Million Fine For Geo-Blocking Practices

Valve loses €1.6 million EU fine appeal for practicing geo-blocking and violating EU's single market strategy.