Far Cry 2 Achievements Revealed have just posted the Far Cry 2 achievements for your viewing pleasure.

The upcoming sandbox-esque FPS shooter from Ubisoft has met nothing but praise in its previews to date and now finally, people can take a look at the achievements.

The game boasts 48 achievements worth 1000 points with what looks like plenty of variation on the list.

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GameOn3685d ago

why did you waste your time and look at this article if you have no interest in it?

Stryfeno23685d ago

I know, I know...We usually are bored with the PS3 without a good set of thropies in games these days.

joebahrjoebahr3685d ago

another person making ps3 people look stupid.

4cough3685d ago

Factoid for you........PS3 has no epic failing trophies.