Microsoft Execs Ramp Up Project Scorpio Hype; Declare 2017 the ‘Year of the Scorpio’

The new year may barely be upon us, but Microsoft is already turning up the hype machine for its upgraded Project Scorpio Xbox console, which releases in 2017.

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Overload2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Scorpio isn't even due to release until the end of 2017.

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ninsigma2759d ago

Yeah it definitely seems a bit early to be starting that hype machine. Maybe we're gonna get an info blow out soon.

Overload2759d ago

Yeah, there is no doubt the information for it will start being generated in 2017, it's just a bit of a stretch to call it the year of it. There shouldn't really be much to tell either, if it's just an upgraded Xbox One.

1Victor2758d ago

I think it's a little bit too early to call it "the year of Scorpio" there's a lot of things that could go wrong and push the system to next year like what happen to the PS3.

XanderZane2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

PS4 Pro is just an upgraded PS4 as well. You still do back flips over it. lol!! You so salty. Relax, PS4 will always have their worldwide lead.

Pretty sure they mean the Scorpio is coming out in 2017. 2016 was year of the PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and PSVR. Was it not? I don't game much on PC. Play more on game consoles. Most PC games will come to PS4 Pro and XBox Scorpio anyways. No need for a PC.

oasdada2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Thats because no one said 2016 was the yesr of the ps4 pro.. just the year of ps4.. plus even if u have a pc u still need a ps4 pro to play ps exclusives in higher res or quality, on the other hand scorpio is just an upgraded xbox with not much incentive to own one specially if its priced more than 400$ s

rainslacker2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Ten bucks says they release some interesting info right before Horizon launches.

The hardware is about the only thing they have to hype right now since their games aren't really doing much to drive the train.

That being said, people seem to forget that MS thinks the year only happens between October and December for their marketing. The rest of the year is meaningless in the grand scheme of things to them.

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ninsigma2759d ago

Considering it doesn't release until the end of the year it doesn't make sense to call it the year of the Scorpio.

I am interested in seeing the final product though. See real hands on from. Digital foundry or something instead of things like that garbage fluff piece from e3.

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demonddel2758d ago

What else yall gonna come up with the PS5 quit the hate The Mighty Scorpio is coming

JackBNimble2758d ago

Only 11 months to go for the mighty Scorpio, I guess the next 11 months for the pro don't count for much either does it.

sk8ofmnd2758d ago

I think if it means the year of scorpio as the year it releases it sounds fitting. Just like 2016 was the year of ps4p and psvr.

Now in a fanboy state of mind... If they are saying 2017 is the year of the scorpio slaying sony... Theres no fucking way. Let the fanboys have hope the scorpio will dominate... They have been so adament about thinking this way why would the scorpios launch be any different.

Tumaras2758d ago

I'm confident Scorpio will be a nice piece of hardware. I'm far less confident that Xbox will have must-have hit exclusive games that justify buying it. And that doesn't include cross-play games I can just play on PC, or big-name games that disappoint (cough Halo 5).

Xbox is way, way, behind Sony in that area. And the 2017 games coming out like Horizon, Nier Automata, Last of Us 2, etc. will only extend that difference. I'd like to play those in 4k. I'd have a tough time convincing myself to buy a Scorpio to play Cuphead.

GrubsterBeater2758d ago

Well it would make sense in the way that MS tends to only consider the last 3 months of the year as "the entire year".

So for them, releasing games all year really means releasing all their games the last 3 months of the year. When the Scorpio releases during the holidays, they will then say it dominated the whole year.

It is the MS way.

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Utalkin2me2758d ago

What Phil is saying that "this year is when Scorpio comes out".

kneon2758d ago

I guess this just further confirms that Microsoft thinks the year is only a couple of months long :)

Amongunz2758d ago

What difference does it make... its called marketing.... every company including sony does it to get everyone all debating pro vs. Scorpio blah blah blah. The campaign began last year and will only ramp up from here .. and thats just fine.

cheri262758d ago

I'd rather have a Switch with Breath of the Wild.


Well, xbone is dead in the water, it's only natural they start looking for a new savior.

Just like Nintendo did.

XStation4pio_Pro2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Oh my gosh. They are talking about a product that will release this year! The nerve. I sure am glad nobody has done that before!! /s

@gtr: logic is flawed. Xbox is no longer a console but a platform and there will be plenty of exclusive for the platform. And even with that, multi platform games will run better on Scorpio than on PS4 thanks to it ouspec'ing my beloved PS4 pro pretty much across the board substantially... oh and it will have uhd bluray as a bonus.

Major_Glitch2758d ago

Why would I buy a Scorpio? MS doesn't have a lot of good games. And the few they do have can be bought on PC.

XanderZane2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

They could easily release it in the Summer 2017 if they chose to. We know they will announce more info at the E3. It's not impossible. Still, if they do release it at the end of 2017, then 2018 would be the year of the Scorpio since that's when most of its games would be released. With the Switch launching in March, it would be silly for Microsoft to release Scorpio so soon.

There have already been interviews will developers who already have Scorpio beta dev kits. Pretty sure they know the specs by now. Phil has already mentioned the developers are working on games that support Scorpio. XB1 and PS4 were not finished products. That was pretty obvious after they launched.

RegorL2758d ago

"They could easily release it in the Summer 2017 if they chose to." and it is ready...

I hope third party studios have access to prototype hardware (beta SOC) right now but my gut feeling is that they do not. They probably have access to PCs with hardware said to equal Scorpio performance.
- Not the same thing...

XBox One was not a finished product, it has the feel of a quickly scrambled system.
PS4, PS4 Light, PS4 Pro all feels like finished products as does XBox One S.
We will soon see what category Scorpio ends up in. (It should be shown at E3 - at least a mock up)

JasonKCK2758d ago

Sure brings out the fear in you